Calendar Availability Set Up

Setting up your calendar availability is a vital process.

It allows you to define your usual schedule of availability in an overlay on your calendar for staff to see

If you offer your clients the ability to schedule online from the patient portal, and limits them to self-schedule only when you're available!

In this Article:

Follow these handy steps below to set up your availability: 

Setting up Your Usual Availability to Provide Therapy Sessions

  1. Click Schedule (left menu)
  2. Select  from the top right menu of buttons:

On the ‘ Add Availability' page, if not already set up, you will want to set up a schedule that's 'close' to what you typically provide - by checking and unchecking the days of the week in order to set up something that's close, but not perfect. (We'll perfect your schedule as a next step).

⚠️ NoteAre you a Manager - or - Owner?
If so, you can go to an individual provider's schedule to edit availability the same way, or via:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Staff (top tabs)
  • Click on the Provider's name you wish to edit
  • Under the section Calendar Settings click the blue button on the far right.

From here, you can adjust:

  • Timeslots (hour, 30 mins, 15 mins)
  • Days of the week (check / uncheck)
  • Office Location
  • Client self-scheduling options (enable or disable, and if you use integrated telehealth the option for scheduling teletherapy)
  • Start and end times (with a built-in hour for lunch)

Want to just "draw" your schedule instead?

To bypass the above screen, just click the button above, which will bring you to a blank schedule you can just draw your availability in.

Viewing and Editing your Availability

Now, You'll see your availability as blocks of time. Click the bottom of the block and grab it to stretch it or shrink it. Click on top to move the entire block, delete it or change the location you're at that day. 

Here's an example of manually drawing an availability slot, dragging, and resizing:

Change a Section of Availability

To do this, first click on an existing "section" and then look at the far right (below the menu buttons).

From there, you can change the following: 

  • Office location
  • Slot durations
  • Client self-scheduling options
    • Here you can clarify 3 options: 
      • allow self scheduling by clients
      • in person availability
      • and/or telehealth availability (requires integrated Telehealth)
    • Note: This also comes into play with our Find Availability feature, documented here
  • As well as deleting this availability section

Adding an Exception

At it's simplest core, availability is a weekly recurring schedule.

You can add an 'exception' to your usual schedule if you wish to.

Exceptions have a start and end date. Exceptions  completely overwrites your availability set for that date range. However you currently draw your exception will be the "new" availability for that date, completely tossing aside your "normal schedule" for that date range.

Examples and Solutions:

Your schedule changes at the beginning of this upcoming year and has no end date.

Add an exception to start 1/1/23 with no end date. Then draw your new availability for the new year.

You have a day you want to add 2 slots to, but wish to retain your existing availability too.

Add an exception for that date (same start & end date), then draw that day of the week in it's entirety (your regular schedule, and the 2 additional slots)

Click the   button on the far right menu, then select the start and end dates for the different schedule. then proceed like you did to set up your usual availability. 

Have a single day or week exception?

If you have a need for a "one-off" day (like adding a few hours to the end of your schedule) or a slightly different week schedule (perhaps for a holiday) you can do that!

For single-day exceptions, ensure the start and end date are the same day, then when prompted you can click  and just edit that particular day of the week for the exception. If the day of the week is a Friday, only draw your availability for that Friday. You will need to create your availability in its entirety for that date, not just the "extra hours" you want to add.

Switching between Exceptions and Availability Date Ranges

Once you add an exception, you'll notice a dropdown menu bar that you can use at the top to switch between the availability dates and the various exceptions. Click on that to switch between the various date ranges and make your adjustments as needed.

Don't forget to click I'm Done when you are finished making changes!

Viewing your Availability on your Schedule

Now, when you go back to your Calendar View, you will see your availability highlighted by this translucent color, guiding your eye to easily know your usual availability. Scheduling an appointment within that availability slot will default to that office location (but you may always override this with the button when scheduling)

You and your staff can still schedule a patient outside of this availability if you have a need to do so. That location will be scheduled on your group's primary or default office location.