Client Self Scheduling: common issues

Listed below are a few of the most common issues that are encountered when clients cannot schedule online in our 2.0 system.

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Client Scheduling Online
CPT Codes
Availability Calendar

Client Scheduling Online

  • Click My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to the Client Portal Settings section, click Edit
  • Select YES for the line item: Allow Clients to Schedule Online
  • Within the Online Scheduling section define parameters for self-scheduling, including "Allow new clients to set first appointment online?" (click 'Edit' to make changes)
  • Once completed, click Save

CPT Codes

Required role:

The user must have a role as either Owner or Manager.

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Select Billing & Insurance from the top tabs

  • Navigate to the CPT Codes section, click Set Up
  • On the right-hand side, click the box "Client can schedule?" for each desired CPT code, giving client scheduling access.
    : Each code 'NAME' is seen by clients who are scheduling (ex: Diagnostic evaluation for 90791).
  • After any changes made, click Save

Availability Calendar

It's likely the availability calendar scheduling options have not been defined. To allow patients to self-schedule follow these steps:

  • Select My Schedule from the left-hand menu
  • In the bottom right corner click the button
  • Within the Availability Calendar section, select Edit
    **NOTE: If the Availability Calendar is set up, to the right of each time slot there will be a globe icon (example below) indicating the time slot allows for clients to schedule online. If there is not a globe icon, this means clients will not be able to schedule online.

  • Although it is possible to add additional time slots or days to the availability calendar, to change existing scheduling options the process must start over (availability slots already added cannot be edited)
    • To start over, click to Clear Availability?, select Continue
    • Re-create the new availability slots by choosing Add Availability Slots?
      • **NOTE: This action will not delete client appointments already scheduled
    • Ensure "Allow Patients to schedule online?" is set to Yes
  • Once completed, click Save
     Ensure time slots (ex: 60 mins total) match up with the CPT code times. It is not possible to schedule larger CPT code times into smaller availability slots (ex: a 60 minute CPT code cannot be scheduled in a 30 minute availability slot)

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