Client Self Scheduling: common issues

Here are the most common issues that are encountered when clients cannot schedule online:

CPT Codes

Availability Calendar

Client Scheduling Online

  • Click My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to the Client Portal Settings section, click Edit
  • For ALLOW CLIENTS TO SCHEDULE ONLINE, check that is says YES
    • Underneath this, the next Online Scheduling section defines parameters of self-scheduling, including "Allow new clients to set first appointment online?" Click Edit within this section to make changes.

  • After any changes made, click Save

CPT Codes

The following requires the role of an Owner or Manager.

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Select Billing & Insurance from the top tabs

  • Navigate to the CPT Codes section, click Set Up
  • On the right-hand side, click the box "Client can schedule?" for each desired CPT code, giving client scheduling access. **NOTE: Each code 'NAME' is seen by clients who are scheduling (ex: Diagnostic evaluation for 90791).
  • After any changes made, click Save

Availability Calendar

It's likely the availability calendar scheduling options have not been defined. To allow patients to self-schedule follow these steps:

  • Select My Schedule
  • In the bottom right corner click the blue button
  • Within the Availability Calendar section, click Edit

    **NOTE: If the Availability Calendar is set up, to the right of each time slot there will be a globe icon (example below) indicates that the time slot allows for clients to schedule online. If there is not a globe icon, that means that clients will not be able to schedule online.

  • Although you can add additional time slots or days to your availability calendar, to change your existing scheduling options, you must start over (Availability slots already added cannot be edited)
    • To start over, click the Clear Availability? button at the bottom left, then select Continue
    • Re-create your new availability slots by clicking Add Availability Slots?
    • Ensure "Allow Patients to schedule online?" is set to Yes

    *NOTE: Ensure these time slots (ex: 60 mins total) match up with the CPT code times. You cannot schedule larger CPT code times into smaller availability slots (ex: a 60 minute CPT code cannot be scheduled in a 30 minute availability slot)

    • After any changes made, click Save
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