Using Integrated Telehealth in TherapyAppointment

sticky_note_2 Note:

  • We recommend using our telehealth application for the best experience
  • If not, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best experience
🛠️ Enabling the Telehealth role requires the role of practice owner or manager.

Telehealth allows a provider to remotely see clients for a session securely and easily by using their computer's microphone and camera for either a 1:1 or group session.

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Enabling Telehealth

To enable Telehealth for a staff member:

  • Click Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Select Staff from the top tabs
  • Click the provider's name, which brings up the staff Profile view
  • Find the section Roles
    • Under it locate Therapist → Teletherapy
  • Click  to enable Telehealth for this therapist

To enable telehealth as a solo provider, simply go to:

  • My Profile (left menu)
  • Navigate to the 'Roles' section
    • Under it locate Therapist → Teletherapy
  • Click  to enable Telehealth for yourself
🎉 Success! Now onto how to schedule both new & existing appointments as telehealth.

Setting up a Telehealth Session

  • Click Schedule (left menu)
  • Click the desired date/time, bringing up the appointment popup
  • Enter the client's name at the top
  • Check the Telehealth session option near the bottom
  • Click

⚠️ Note: don't see telehealth session as an option? First enable telehealth with the steps here.

Update an Existing Appointment to Telehealth Session

If you have an existing standard appointment on your schedule and would like to change it to a Telehealth session, perform the following steps:

  • Click Schedule (left menu)
  • Click on the desired appointment
  • Click the   tab (top)
  • Change Telehealth Session? to Yes
  • Click  near the bottom

Telehealth Session Requirements

The client must have a client portal account created to access Telehealth.

Please ensure ahead of time the client has created an account, if not send them an invite.

To verify if a client has setup their client portal account, check this article: portal credentials

Starting a Telehealth Session (Provider)

💡 For steps, check our comprehensive article here: Telehealth: Uses & Features

Starting a Telehealth Session (Client)

💡 For steps, check our comprehensive article here: Telehealth: Client View

Client Notifications

⚠️ Approximately 15-30 minutes prior to a Telehealth appointment, clients will (in addition to the standard reminder) automatically receive a text and an email explaining a Telehealth session is beginning soon and to login to their client portal account, then click join to launch the session.

✉️ Telehealth Reminder Email:

📲 Telehealth Reminder Text (also supports voice):

⚠️ Note: Clicking the link  above will still require a client to sign into their portal account for security reasons.

⚠️ Ensure Availability is Setup for Client Self Scheduling

If you have a practice that is 100% telehealth, or you have days of the week which are telehealth only days, you will wish to limit your clients to ONLY scheduling telehealth on those days or "sections" of your availability so they do not assume this is an in-person appointment. 

This may be accomplished by editing your availability calendar to limit certain days/times to telehealth only, from our article on setting up availability: Calendar Setup

When you click on an availability section, you can define whether or not an availability section is designated as in person, telehealth only, or both as shown below:

Then, when clients are scheduling they'd see a built in telehealth option, or can pick from either if you've defined it:

⚠️ Note: Providers without integrated Telehealth enabled would only have 1 option: clients to be able to self schedule as yes/no, and when clients are self-scheduling they'd only see a single button for each time slot:

Telehealth Waiting Room - Setting

The default setting is a disabled waiting room, meaning clients would join without any assistance from you and can just join the session without any warning.

To enable the waiting room option for all telehealth sessions, go to:

  • My Profile (left menu)
  • Under "Client Portal Settings"
  • Click the blue button
  • Then change "Enable telehealth waiting room?" from No to Yes and save:

ℹ️ For Owners or Managers, go to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Staff (top tab)
  • Click the provider's name
  • Under "Client Portal Settings" click the blue  button

Clients will now be automatically put into the Telehealth waiting room when they join each session for that provider.

You will need to admit them into the session when they join.

  • This will come as either a popup:

  • Or within within the Participants menu (bottom right):