Telehealth Sign in as a Client

Trying to sign in for telehealth access with your provider?

Not sure where to go or what to do?

Read on to find out how!

In this Article:

Login to your Client Portal Account

🔒 First off, clients must sign into their client portal account for Telehealth for security reasons.

Client Sign-in options:

1. The main portal sign-in page here:
  • Works for both staff AND clients
  • You can bookmark as well
2. Or from within the client portal

⚠️ Having issues signing in?

  • If you know your username and email address on file, you can easily reset your password with the steps here: Reset Password
⛔️  Don't know your username or password?
  • You'll need to contact your provider or their office staff for assistance.
  • For your account security and privacy reasons, TherapyAppointment support staff cannot directly assist clients with account or login issues. We give your providers all the tools they need on their end to assist and help you manage your account. Providers with issues related to this can reach out to us directly and we can assist!

Steps to Join the Telehealth Session

You're now logged in and on the dashboard, almost there!

  • To launch the session, straight from your dashboard click

  • This brings you to the initial loading screen with a spinning blue wheel

  • Once your provider has joined, the screen will refresh with a button to join the session
  • Click

  • This will open a new tab on your browser with the telehealth session
  • You will be presented with this screen, example in

  1. If the application is already installed, you should see the above prompt
    1. Click Open to continue with the app (in Chrome you can check to always allow)
  2. Don't have the application installed?
    1. Click Download and install now (blue link) below the Launch Meeting button
    2. Once installed, you can return here and click Launch Meeting
  3. Want to continue in your browser instead? Click the bottom continue in your current browser

  • From here, enter your preferred name
  • Then click

🎉 Success!

You should now be in the session with your provider, example shown below:

⚠️ Note: Have more questions about functionality? Find out what buttons do what?
Check out our handy related article here! Telehealth - Uses and Features

Ending a Session

Done with your session? Easy! 

Click the disconnect button ( x ) at the bottom center of the screen, or simply exit out of the telehealth tab in your browser, which should bring you back to your client portal page.