Telehealth FAQ

TherapyAppointment offers integrated Telehealth!

Read on for some common Q & A's:

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  1. Will I (or my clients) need to download anything to join sessions? No, telehealth will run right in your browser - even on mobile!
  2. Is a mobile app available? Please check our article here for more information
  3. What browser works best for telehealth? We recommend Google Chrome for the best compatibility.
  4. Will I still have access to current tools like chat, breakout rooms, whiteboards and screen sharing? Yes!
  5. Will I still be able to record sessions? Yes
  6. Will the waiting room still work? Yes, and we use the same setting you have saved within your my profile if already using telehealth!
  7. Will chat still be available: Yes! If you're hosting a group, you can also chat privately or with the whole group.
  8. Can multiple people still join: Yes, group sessions can be scheduled and launched exactly as you currently do. Send a link through the "Invite" button to add participants in real time.
  9. Do you support live closed captions? While we have after the fact transcriptions of the session, live transcription is not supported but we have found a workaround: using Live Caption in Chrome, more details here.
  10. Can I still host my group sessions? Yes!
  11. Will my telehealth billing change? Nope! Your monthly charge will remain the same.
  12. Can I still document and hold my session at the same time? Yes! The telehealth session will open in a new tab. You can switch back to your TherapyAppointment tab at any point.
  13. Can I share documents? Yes! Unlike with Zoom, you don’t actually have to connect an account like Dropbox™ in order to share files. You can now upload & easily share files straight from your device. 
  14. Do clients still launch the meeting from their Client Portal? Yes, that process remains the same and we have a page dedicated just to that here!
  15. Will anything be different for clients? No, they still have access to the same features when joining their telehealth session that they are already used to having.
  16. Can clients join by phone? Yes, with the details you give them. Article with information here: Dial in by phone
  17. Is this still HIPAA compliant? Yes!
  18. Is the Touchup feature available? This is a filter feature specific to Zoom currently, but we are reviewing adding a similar feature on the development horizon.

Additional FAQ's:

Q: How do I use Telehealth in TherapyAppointment?

A: Click the following link for instructions on how to enable/use the Telehealth feature: Turning On Telehealth (and a more in-depth walkthrough: Telehealth)

Q: How much does Telehealth cost?

A: The cost for this feature is $15.00 per provider, per month. You may turn it off/on for yourself or for providers in your group at any time. 

Q: How do I turn this feature on for everyone in my group?

A: The Telehealth feature must be turned on for each provider's account individually. Article with steps: Telehealth

Q: Do I need to sign an additional BAA?

A: No, you are covered under the BAA you have signed with TherapyAppointment. 

Q: Do I need to sign in to do Telehealth?

A: Once you are signed into TherapyAppointment, no. You will schedule and launch the Telehealth session from within the appointment screen in TherapyAppointment, and our application will open a new browser tab for any of your Telehealth sessions.

Q: Does Telehealth allow for multi-participant meetings?

A: Yes! You have the option to add multiple clients to a single Telehealth session via our group appointments feature (article here). If you have additional providers or a supervisor join your session, our suggestion would be to share the meeting link with them by coping the invite once the meeting starts, then send them a secure message within TherapyAppointment.

Q: How do clients join their Telehealth session?

A: We have a page dedicated to answering this here!

Q: Am I required to use Telehealth?

A: While Telehealth within TherapyAppointment is a convenient and easy to use feature, using this feature is entirely optional. If your telehealth feature is 'off', you will not have the ability to conduct telehealth sessions within the system for scheduled sessions essentially. You can still chart and bill for telehealth sessions made outside the system easily and without extra work!