Portal Credentials

Need to know where to go to send a client portal invitation?

Perhaps you are looking to determine whether a client has set up their portal once the invite has been sent?

Read on to learn how to send or resend a portal invite, confirm if a client has fully registered, or how to assist with resetting a password.

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Client Portal Invitation

For a client to have access to the client portal, the provider needs to set them up individually. There is also documentation that guides them through portal functionality. Feel free to pass along this downloadable client portal guide pdf. To activate the client portal login credentials for each client:

⚠️ Note: Invites are timestamped & valid for 48 hours. If expired it will need to be resent by staff.
  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client name
  • Look for the far-right menu
  • Click  like below:

⚠️ Can't find the buttons on the Right?

Due to screen space, smaller sized screens or mobile devices will find this menu at the very bottom of the client profile shown here:

  • Once sent, the system will then send them an email to the default email address on file asking them to click a link to create an account.
  • Here's a copy of what the client portal registration email looks like:

To verify the client has set up their portal, please see the section below.

⚠️ Note: The portal does not have to be activated in order for you or your staff to perform functions related to the client.

It's for clients to be able to sign into the system and do various tasks on their own (if enabled), like self scheduling appointments, viewing/printing receipts or generated statements, updating demographics, sending their provider a message, etc.

Portal Verification

Verifying the client has set up their portal credentials takes just a couple of clicks! 

  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client name
  • Look for the far-right menu
  • If/when the client has started the portal process, details will show the client username:

Don't see a username?

  • That means they haven't fully setup their account (username & password)
  • To resend a portal invite, within the client profile click the far right  button:

⚠️ Note: We highly recommend informing your client to be on the lookout for the invitation from TherapyAppointment, otherwise it might be dismissed it as spam. It is only valid for 48 hours for security reasons. If expired, it will need to be resent by staff.

It will come from no-reply@therapyappointment.com

Reset Password

Once a client has created a portal account, use the   button, which you can use to send the client an automated email with a link to reset their password.

The email and link is timestamped and valid for 48 hours for security.