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Your profile gives you access to customizing everything "personal" to you → from name to licenses, online forms, CPT codes, office locations, service agreements, and more!

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My Profile → Sections:

Personal Information, Name, and License

This section is managed by the user for their individual profile.

Have access to manage and edit things like:

  • Name
  • Professional Names & other variations
  • Licensure, Type 1 NPI, Individual Taxonomy and EIN, Individual Billing Phone # and Mailing Address

Contact Information

Enter contact details such as email addresses, social media, and emergency contacts.

General Settings

This includes various general settings:

screen_search_desktop Screen Reader Access

When this feature is enabled, we make core changes to the way the schedule and charting work, explained below:

calendar_month Schedule

Here we show a simplified daily list view of your appointments. You can use Tab and Enter to navigate.

Switch between yesterday and tomorrow at the top as well

description Charting

Here we include a new field, diagnosis codes search, and a results dropdown you can use to enter single or multiple diagnoses:

Enter a diagnosis code or keyword and click Tab → this will reveal the search results listed below:

To add a diagnosis:

  • If your search lists just one result, Tab down to Selected Diagnosis Codes and click Enter
  • If your search lists multiple results, Tab down to Selected Diagnosis Codes and use the dropdown to select your choice, then click Enter

That diagnosis will then be added, shown above.

To remove a diagnosis, Tab down to selected diagnosis codes highlight the one to remove and click Enter :

CPT Settings

The CPT Code default settings are based upon what the Practice Manager or Owner set up. Before updating these settings, please first check with your Practice Manager or the Owner (if applicable).

Forms and Templates

Forms and templates can be managed by the Provider or Office Manager. Here is also where you can:

Client Portal Settings

This is used to manage the client portal experience for your clients!

Here's an overview of the sections:

  • Client Portal Link: (in blue) for your own client portal (article here: Client Portal Website Linking)
  • Client Portal Settings (more general), including managing settings like client messaging, view statements, pay bills, etc.
  • Find Your Therapist: from enabling to configuring, here's our article about that: Find Your Therapist Feature
  • Client Registration: this allows you to manage first if clients can self register, alongside options like ask for insurance or credit card. More info can be found here: Client Self-Registration
  • Online Scheduling: To configure clients ability to self schedule based on client status
  • Notifications: Want to receive emails when a client registers, sends messages, and changes appointments? Enable this option here.
  • Cancelling Appointments: Configure whether or not clients can cancel an appointment through the portal. The warning option will alert clients that a fee may be applied within the specified time range.

live_help Issues with clients self scheduling?

😅 Don't sweat! Check out our handy article for all issues: Client Self Scheduling: Common Issues

Claim Printing Settings (test print)

Here you can adjust the printing alignment of claims that you need to print instead of sending electronically.

Claim Insurance Settings

These fields are for claim settings for insurance companies specific to that provider.

To adjust the settings, click on either the name of the insurance company on the left, or click the blue button shown below:

Calendar Settings

  • Set if you want to share a free/busy calendar with other therapists in your group
  • Manage your availability calendar
  • Sync with Google/iCal
  • Manage observed holidays (we block your availability off for the holidays you have checked off)

Send Birthday Emails

  • Gives you the option to (automatically) send a friendly birthday message to clients 🎂
  • We also notify you via your messages for any that we do send out

Session Settings

A chime at the start and end of session can be managed here when using the Today / Autopilot view (left menu)

Appointment Settings

This is for miscellaneous defaults, including:

  • The timeframe clients can cancel their appointments via the portal
    • Appointments must be cancelled _ hours prior
  • Default reminder interval (days)
    • Used when creating new clients for reminders

Overview of Calendar, Birthday, Session, and Appointment Settings:

Permissions & Roles

Supervisors & Supervisees

This shows who is a Supervisor for this provider, as well as viewing and setting Supervisees under this provider (starting supervision).

Article: Supervision

Roles (Permissions)

This is where an owner or manager can manage roles for a staff member (from the staff page).

Article: Adding and Managing Staff & Roles

Data Export & Import

Here's our article about Data Export as well as Client Data Import options.

Office Locations

Manage and set Office Locations (based on Practice Settings → Office Locations).

Account Information

Here you will access to:

  • Credentials: This is where you can change your username, or trigger a password reset
    • You can also view your Account History (including login details)
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Enable for your account protection and keep client data even safer than with just a username & password!
  • Service Agreements: view or download your BAA & TOS with us

shield_lock Owners only:

  • Billing Plan: View your billing history here, article: View Billing History
  • Credit Card(s) on file with us. Whichever is marked default will be charged