Ask Scheduling or Billing

"Ask Scheduling" or "Ask Billing" options within Client Portals permits messaging directly to Staff within your practice.

Pro Tip: Your practice can use this feature to route questions to the right support staff member!
Avoid any unnecessary delays in addressing their question with our secure, HIPAA Compliant Messaging System.


Each Front Office Admin ( Biller and/or Scheduler) can easily set-up and/or adjust their settings.

Navigate to the following:

  • My Profile
  • Find the section "General Settings"
  • Click the blue Edit button shown below:

Owners or Managers can also edit these settings with a similar set of steps:
Going to Practice Settings > Staff Click the staff member's name > General Settings > Edit will take you to the same area shown below:

Things to be aware of:

  • If your practice has more than 1 staff member enabled to handle scheduling or billing questions, they will all be included in a group message
  • The client can opt to send as is, or remove any additional staff they do not wish to include in the message.
  • If a client sends a message to multiple recipients, per our policy on group messages, you would need to create a new message to reply back to the client. 
  • Any 1:1 message from the client will allow replies.

From The Client View

Once enabled, your respective staff can then begin receiving messages from clients for both Billing and Scheduling questions.

To perform that action as a client, after signing in on the initial Dashboard page, go to the bottom right and look for the "Ask a Question" section.

You can choose from the following:

  1. Ask Scheduling
  2. Ask Billing
  3. Ask your Therapist (if more than one you will see them in the dropdown once clicked)

Once clicked, the system will take the client to a New Message, and will include the staff members:

Staff and Clients can use this related article to learn about sending Messages in the system: sending HIPAA compliant messages in TherapyAppointment