Ask Scheduling or Billing

"Ask Scheduling" or "Ask Billing" options within client portal allows easy messaging directly to designated staff within your practice.

Pro Tip: Your practice can use this feature to route questions to the right support staff member! Avoid any unnecessary delays in addressing their question with our secure, HIPAA Compliant Messaging System.

Set Up

Required role: Owner, Manager, Biller or Scheduler

To edit your own settings:

Navigate to the following:

  • My Profile (left menu)
  • Find the section General Settings
  • Click the blue button shown below:

shield_lock As an Owner or Manager:

Owners and Managers can review and edit any other staff member setting, including this one.

To edit, go to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Click Staff (top tab)
  • Click the staff member's name
  • Find the section General Settings
  • Click the blue button shown below

Things to be aware of:

  • If your practice has more than 1 staff member enabled to handle scheduling or billing questions, they will all be included in a group message
  • Clients can optionally remove any additional staff they do not wish to include in the message with the x beside their name
  • If a client sends a message to multiple staff members, both staff and clients can reply to it

From the Client View

Once enabled, those staff members will then get sent a message whenever a client uses the ask scheduling/billing feature.

To do so:

  • Once signed in, clients would go to the right menu under the section Have a Question?
  • Pick the applicable one (scheduler, biller, or therapist):

  • Compose the message and click when finished

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