Sending Messages

✉️ Messages

  • This feature allows you to send HIPAA compliant messages within our system!
  • You can message clients, staff, other providers in your group, or multiple clients and/or staff.
  • This feature allows you to communicate safely and securely within your practice without paying for an extra HIPAA compliant email solution! 💵
  • We support unlimited messaging, which also supports attachments up to 10Mb 📎

Within this Article:

Sending a Message

As Staff:

To send a message, first select Messages (left menu)

⚠️ Note: When there is an unread message, you'll notice the "badge count" similar to other mail programs and apps in general, listing the number of unread messages like in the above example.

Then click the blue   button:

As a Client:

Clients similarly click  My Messages (left menu)

Then click the blue   button:

Once in the New Message, compose your message:

📄 Visual:

The following numbers below correspond to the list below this:
  1. To (required): Clients can be added individually, or other bulk group options for staff messaging
    ⚠️ Note: due to the risk, we have opted not to include an "all clients" option to avoid accidental PHI exposure. You can still manually add as many clients as you wish here.
  2. Subject (required): Will be shown to client
  3. Body (required): Include your main message to your client, staff member, or group of staff members or clients
  4. Add an Attachment (optional)
    ⚠️ Note: Only document files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT) & image files (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF) may be uploaded as an attachment, and the file size limit is just under 10 MB.
  5. Send: When you're ready, send your message!

Email Notifications

  • Once sent, clients and/or staff with a portal account created will be immediately notified of a message
  • The notification is sent to the default email address on file
  • It will indicate they have a message waiting for them, example below:

Clients can alternatively sign in at anytime via your unique client portal link, our find a therapist tool, or our main portal sign in page here, and click Messages on the left menu

⚠️  Note: For both HIPPA and privacy reasons, both clients & staff will need to sign into their portal account to access any messages received.

Replying to a Message

Once either you or a client click on a message, they will see the message content, including everything written back and forth on the same message.

You or clients can click Reply to reply to a message you receive.

👥 Send or receive a group message?

  • You can add an unlimited amount of people to a message (including staff and/or clients).
  • Messages sent to just 1 person (staff or client) allows the person to reply back to you
  • Messages sent to any # of staff members (and up to 1 client) allows anyone to reply all
  • Messages sent to more than 1 client -- client recipients would ONLY see the message content. They also would not be able to reply to a group message for privacy reasons, and would have to compose a new message to reply to you.

Deleting a Message

🗑️ Send a message mistakenly, or to the wrong client?

We get it, accidents happen!

Staff members can permanently delete messages if the following apply:

  • Any individual message a provider sends a client
  • The entire message thread a provider/staff member initially starts to a client

To delete a particular message sent by staff:

  • Click the red button at the bottom of the message:

To delete the entire message thread (only if it began with the staff member):

  • Click the red button at the bottom of the message thread:

Once deleted this action is permanent and cannot be recovered

Inactive Clients

Clients that are marked as Inactive in the system will not be able to send messages to their provider.

Need to restore that functionality? Revert the client back to the Active status.

⚠️ Article: Client Profile : Status