Sending Messages

­čôž Messages

  • This feature allows you to send HIPAA compliant messages within our system!
  • You can message clients, staff, other providers in your group, or multiple clients and/or staff.
  • This feature allows you to communicate safely and securely within your practice without paying for an extra HIPAA compliant email solution! 

Within this Article:

Sending a Message

To send a message, first select Messages on the left menu for staff:

Clients click My Messages on the left menu (shown below):

Then click the blue  New Message button:

Once in the New Message, compose your message:

  1. To (required) : Clients can be added individually, or other bulk group options for staff messaging
  2. Subject (required) : Will be shown to client
  3. Body (required) : Include your main message to your client, staff member, or group of staff members or clients
  4. Add an Attachment (optional) - Note: Only document files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT) or image files (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF) may be uploaded as an attachment, and the file size limit is about 10 MB
  5. Send : When you're ready, send your message!

Email Notifications

Once sent, clients and/or staff with a portal account created (and with notifications enabled under their My Profile : Client Portal Settings area) will be notified of a message, delivered to their default email address on file indicating they have a message waiting for them, shown below:

Clients can alternatively sign in at anytime via your unique client portal link, our find a therapist tool, or our main portal sign in page here, and click Messages on the left menu

Note: For both HIPPA and privacy reasons, the client will need to sign into their portal account to access it.

Replying to a Message

Once either you or a client click on a message, they will see the message content, including everything written back and forth on the same message.

You or clients can click Reply to reply to a message you receive.

­čĹą Send or receive a group message?

  • If a message is sent to more than one recipient (client wise) the Reply button will not be present
  • For security and privacy reasons, group messages can only be replied to if ALL recipients are staff members.
  • You can instead opt to compose a new message, choose your same recipients and send a new message out.

Deleting a Message

­čśľ Send a message mistakenly, or to the wrong client?

We get it, accidents happen!

Staff members can immediately delete all messages in a message thread to a client by clicking on the message thread, then the red button at the bottom:

Both clients and staff would then no longer see any messages sent in the message thread: either to or from the client.