Writing a Quick Note

Quick notes allow users to document occurrences within the system that will become a part of the client's clinical record (as well as printed records, like chart notes).

There are many instances you may wish to document non-billable information into the client’s clinical record.

⚠️  Note: The following roles are required for use:

📄 To write a quick note:

  • Owner or Manager
  • Any therapist of the client (or their supervisor)
  • Biller

👁️ To view a quick note:

  • Any therapist of the client (or their supervisor)
  • Records Custodian of that therapist

Add a Quick Note

To document these types of occurrences, use the following steps:

  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the name of the client, bringing you to their profile
  • Select Records (top tab)
  • Click

  • Here you can update any diagnosis, as well as write the chart note
  • The system will automatically time and date stamp the note
  • When done, click Finalize and Lock at the bottom right:

⚠️ Note: Quick notes are a part of the client's chart notes, visible in chronological order in the records tab

Adding a Quick Note as an Owner, Manager, or Biller

If you don't have access to the Records tab, don't worry!

You can still add a Quick Note with either of the following steps:

From the Schedule

Click on a client appointment, then click on the far right buttons:

From the Client Profile

Under Clinical Information click the edit button:

Other questions:

What if the phone call [or other event] was two days ago and you are just now documenting it?

Then write for example "On Tuesday, April 18th at 2pm the patient called to discuss…" This will make the note easily understood.