Chart Note Templates

Create custom session documentation with just a few clicks!

Edits to a custom template can be made at any time, but will only affect future notes. Past notes and notes in progress will not be affected by the change.

In this Article:

Create or Edit a New Chart Template
Delete a Chart Template
Using a Chart Template for Documenting a Session

Create or Edit a Chart Template

Depending on your access, this process can be navigated via Practice Settings or My Profile.
  • Click My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Under the Chart Templates section, select either  for a new template, or Edit to modify an existing template

This takes you to the  Chart Template where you can further configure your particular chart template.

Chart templates can be configured with our rich text format editor, which includes different header and text sizes, as well as text formatting like bold, italic, underline, and small text, in addition to bullet points, numbered bullet points, as well as paragraph indentations.

Notice: the system already creates preset information in the Chart Template header section (these presets are required in a chart note). 

Pre-set requirements for a chart note template include a minimum of: 

  • client name
  • appointment date/time
  • diagnosis
  • CPT code
  • POS code

Want to include more automatically generated information?

Within the Enter Auto-Text? section, click provided options in order to insert additional placeholders beyond the pre-sets given (ex. - clicking ‘Insurance ID’ adds it into the Auto Text Field, including it in the header of the note).

Once done with your chart template, click at the bottom.

The template will now be available for use when documenting a client session.

Delete a Chart Template

  • Click My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to the Forms and Templates section, then Chart Templates
  • Click the button for the desired chart template, then

Using a Chart Template for Documenting a Session

Once the Start Charting option has been selected from the client's scheduled appointment, click on the  Chart Entry Style drop-down menu. This will allow you to select from the default templates as well as your custom  Chart Templates

Keep in mind: while editing your chart note, the auto text values will not populate on the screen.

They will not show the actual values until after you click to review the chart note (prior to locking the chart note).