Chart Sharing

Does your group practice use a team-treatment model? Are you transferring a client from one therapist to a different one? Or perhaps your have one provider seeing a client for medication management or psych testing, and a different therapist for treatment? Using TherapyAppointment's chart sharing feature makes the process easy. 

Note: When the record is shared, the client is now available for scheduling by all providers with whom the record has been shared. 

To share a client's record with another provider in the group, follow these steps:

  • Select Clients on the left menu
  • Select the client's name to bring up their profile
  • Select the Records top tab (see illustration #1 below)
  • Navigate to the Chart Sharing section (or jump directly to it by selecting Chart Sharing from the right hand menu - #2 below):
  • Find the provider you wish to share FROM and click on their section name (Ex: Stephen Strange's Records):
  • Then click Share for the desired therapist(s) with the far right blue button Share

Note: If the top provider is not the one you wish to share from, click on the name of the provider from the list below the top provider to see their sharing options, example shown below:

Additional items:

  • The 'Enable Chart Sharing' screen offers a summary of the chart sharing actions, as well as the current status of sharing a client.
  • The ability to share Private Notes a provider has written or keep them private to the original author is an option. 

Granting a provider shared access will provide them the following:

  • View the client's profile screens and adds them to their clients list
  • Ability to Schedule appointments with the client
  • Ability to view the Records of the client 
  • View  Documents & Forms marked both clinical as well as non-clinical.