Sharing a Client

Needing to share a client's profile and schedule a session with another provider in your group practice, without sharing client notes?

To do so, please follow the steps for creating an appointment  with the additional therapist outlined below:

  • Go to Clients
  • Click on the client's name, loading their profile
  • Select the Appointments top tab
  • Then click the far right blue +New Appointment button as illustrated below:

You'll then be brought to the next screen, highlighting the available day schedule in the middle, with the calendar of additional days/weeks/months on the top right, and filters on the bottom right (such as therapist, appointment timespan, location, etc.)

Add the second therapist under the list of " therapists" on the far right side with the + sign like below:

The system will then prompt you to confirm the appointment (and even as a handy warning let you know that the client is not normally seen by that provider):

Click the blue button Book It!

This will do the following:

  • Schedule a new appointment with Therapist B
  • Adds the client into Therapist B's list of My Clients (clients exist at the GROUP level, but can be seen by multiple providers)
  • This does NOT share client notes between Therapist A and Therapist B (just the client demographics via the client profile, and uploaded non-clinical documents with the other provider).