Print/Release Client Records

Required role:

Printing client records requires a role of either Records Custodian or Owner.

Users now have a screen where you can indicate what will be included in the records release. TherapyAppointment has defaulted the release to include just the clinical session notes. Along with defining parameters around the who and the purpose of printing client records, make sure to read and understand the PHI Release Log entry created when printing client records (see bottom section).

Print Records

  • Click Clients from the left hand menu
  • Locate and select client name
  • Select Records from the top tabs
  • Navigate to the 'Print Records' section (scroll or use right-hand quick pick menu)
  • Choose Print
  • Select the options/records desired, opting 'Yes' for each
    • If the records request had a limited session date on it, enter the date range of the records release in these fields (limiting the records exported)
  • Define who the records will be release to, along with the purpose of the release
  • Choose to Print Selected Records

The client records will display in a PDF viewer, to print or save

**NOTE: Non-clinical staff (not a provider) cannot add anything to the record, such as charting or notes. Alerts or a memo, within the client profile section, is where additional details related to the client can be added.

**NOTE: If releasing records directly to a client, use the secure messaging process:  Within the client profile, select the Messages tab. Create the message, attaching the records and 'Send'.


A PHI Release Log entry will be created every time Client Records are printed, regardless of print settings.

When printing Records, users have the option to Include PHI Release Log.

  • Setting this to Yes will include the PHI Release Log as the last page of the Printed Records

**NOTE: Setting this to No does NOT prevent the system from creating an entry in the PHI Release Log