Print/Release Client Records

Need to print client records, like chart notes or treatment plans?

Read on to find out how and where to perform this essential function!

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Print Records

⚠️ Note: Printing client records requires a role of either Provider, Records Custodian or Owner.

To print records for a client, use the following steps:

  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click the client's name
  • Select Records (top tab)

  • Navigate to the 'Print Records' section (scroll or use right-hand quick pick menu)
  • Click the  button:

Print Options

This brings you to all the printing options you can select:

  • Cover Sheet (yes / no)
  • Records to print (all / date range)
  • Chart Notes (yes / no)
  • Include Unlocked Chart Notes (yes / no)
  • Include Psychotherapy Notes (yes / no)
  • Current Treatment Plan (yes / no)
  • Previous Treatment Plans (yes / no)
  • Appointment History (yes / no)
  • Insurance Information (yes / no)
  • Final Statement (yes / no)
  • Include the PHI Release Log (yes / no) 
⚠️ Note: this means the PHI release log will be printed as a part of this preparation, not whether or not this is included as an entry (it will always show as an entry for PHI logging reasons)

Include who the records were released to, and the purpose, and then click the bottom button.

The client records will display in a PDF on your browser, which you can choose to  print or save

Note: If releasing records directly to a client, consider using our free secure messaging process!

  • Save the above record as a PDF to your computer
  • Send a message to the client and upload that PDF as a message attachment and send
  • Most importantly: delete the PDF file just downloaded to your computer!

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