Client Profile: Records

Looking to view or print a clients comprehensive record? View a treatment plan? Share a record with another provider in your group? Fax a referral source? View or print the PHI release log?

Read on to find out what the client's Records tab in their Profile has to offer!

Within the Article:

Records Overview

Within the Records page, you'll initially notice chart notes in chronological order:

Chart Entries:

Note: To the right, you'll notice the sections you can click on that will bring you to that section of the records page: Treatment Plan, Print Records, Chart Sharing, etc.

If you have a few chart note records, you may find them collapsed like shown below.

Simply click on the blue Chart Entry - Date link and the system will reveal the entire chart note for that date:

Adding additional, non-appointment charting information is one click away within the client profile. Simply select to Add Quick Note:

For more information, check out our article here: Quick Note

Treatment Plan

Once the provider has entered information from a session, the client treatment plan details are accessed (or updated) within this section. You can view or update a treatment plan outside a session here.

PHI Release Log

This will list all client record releases / generations in the system:

Click Print to generate a printout of the PHI Release Log.

By clicking on  a provider can fill in the sections necessary, to log a new entry into the client's HIPAA-compliant Protected Health Information Release file:

Fax Referral Source

TherapyAppointment is not intended to replace your existing faxing solution, yet faxing a referral source is one of those helpful features that has been added to allow basic transmission of information directly over to a designated referral source at no cost to you!

Note: For more information about this feature, please check out this article - Fax Referral Source

Chart Sharing

Chart sharing is a one way street in the system (ex: Provider A shares notes with Provider B), or can be a 2-way street.
Chart sharing offers the following, the ability for the other provider to:
  • See client chart note records
  • See client treatment plan
  • See any clinically marked documents uploaded for this provider (under the client's Docs & Forms tab)

In this case below, the provider Stephen Strange has chosen to share chart notes for client Joe Fakerton with the other provider, SpongeBob.

Note: For more information about chart sharing, please check out this article - Chart Sharing