Treatment Plans

Treatment plans can be an important part of the charting process: both while charting and outside of sessions.

This article discusses the ins and outs of treatment plans.

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Write a Treatment Plan as a Part of a Chart Note

To do this, you'd chart on a client as you normally would, go to:

  • Schedule (left menu)
  • Click on the appointment, opening the pop-up
  • Click the button (top right corner)

Here we load the chart note.

Depending on the chart entry style you select, you'll see the following treatment plan types:

description Need more information about charting? Please see our article on charting here


Under the section Plan (Last one) we have the "Treatment Plan" sub-section

Here we show:

  • A visual editor, with goals and dropdown options
  • Optionally set a due date for the next treatment plan
  • Example shown below:

⚠️ Note: If a treatment plan is used outside the SOAP note charting, it will appear in plaintext, which we will show below when editing an example.

HIPAA, Simple or Template Note

Below under the Notes section is the option Include Treatment Plan. Toggle that to yes 

Here we show:

  • A plaintext treatment plan editor
    • Here you can cut and paste a template you might already have in a document or text edit file on your computer
  • Optionally set a due date for the next treatment plan
  • Example if you chart from a SOAP note to a HIPAA note shown below:

Edit a Treatment Plan (between sessions)

To edit a treatment plan between sessions, go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the name of the client
  • Click the top tab Records 
  • Find the Treatment Plan section 
  • Click the button (top right of section):

This then loads the treatment plan editor. Here you can:

  • Update the treatment plan in a plaintext editor
  • Set the optional next treatment plan due date
  • Click at the bottom right when done

Print a Treatment Plan:

To print a plan of treatment for a client, go to:
  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the name of the client
  • Click the top tab Records 
  • Find the Treatment Plan section
  • Click the  button (bottom right of section):

⚠️ Note: Clicking this will produce a PDF of your treatment plan, which you can either physically print or save as a PDF to your local computer (please follow all HIPAA recommendations for encryption and device security if you do so).

Treatment Plan Notifications on Dashboard

Under your Dashboard (left menu), we display a section for expiring treatment plans.

Here we list any treatment plans either:

  • Expiring within the next 14 days (2 weeks)
  • Already expired

To update, click on the client to load the treatment plan editor.

Send Client a Treatment Plan to e-Sign

For more information, please check out our article here: description Clients e-Signing Treatment Plans