Client E-signing Treatment Plan

Want to send a client a treatment plan within the system for them to both sign and store on file? 

Read on for step by step instructions on how to do that!

Sending a Client a Treatment Plan to E-Sign:

1. Retrieve the Treatment Plan

Go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click the name of the client, loading their profile
  • Click Records (top tab)
  • Find the section Treatment Plan
  • In the bottom right, click

  • Here we display a PDF in a new tab for you on your browser
  • Instead of printing, first save it as a PDF to your device:
    • After this, we will recommend you securely deleting it from your device
  • Most browsers will have built in functionality for saving, like in this example:

  • Now you have the treatment plan saved
  • The next steps are to assign it to the client

2. Assign to Client

Go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click the name of the client, loading their profile
  • Click Docs & Forms (top tab)
  • Find the section Assigned Client Documents
  • Click

In the new add attachment popup, click   at the top first

From here, you'll see a screen like this:

From top to bottom, we suggest:

  • Click to upload the Treatment Plan PDF
  • Change Require Signature? to yes
  • Change Clinical Content? to yes
  • Then click at the bottom right

This loads the treatment plan as an attachment.

Then compose the rest of the message (subject, content) and click send.

The client will then receive an email notification (shown below) that they have a message waiting for them:

Once signed in, it should take your client to the message. Click on the treatment plan to sign.

Alternatively, once a client is signed into their account, they'd go to:

  • My Docs & Forms (left menu)
  • Under the section PDF Documents
  • Click the blue button to the right of the document name:

  • Here we display the PDF on the screen for them to review:

  • Below will have the signature field
  • Sign, then click when done:

Once sent, it would be accessible at anytime

On the staff side:

  • Client ProfileDocs & Forms (top tab) → under Assigned Client Documents)

On the client side:

  • Under My Docs & Forms

delete Need to remove client access to the form?

Click the orange button shown to the right of the assigned client document:

Last Step: Delete the Treatment Plan PDF for Client Privacy!

  • We recommend securely deleting any files you download to view or use from the system as soon as you're done with them, including this treatment plan
  • To avoid any headaches with potential data breaches, don't store any data with PHI on it on your computer or easily stolen mobile device
  • If you must, you should encrypt your device and files in accordance to HIPAA standards on security and encryption/protection
  • To do that, go to the folder on your computer that is your browser's default download folder to find the file (usually named "Downloads" or something similar), then follow your operating system's instructions in securely deleting any files with PHI on it
  • Any messages, attachments and signed client documents are permanently and safely stored within TherapyAppointment in a secure, HIPAA and HITECH compliant environment