Client Profile: Docs & Forms

Need to assign a form to a client, or upload various paperwork or images to a client's file? No problem!

Assign, upload, and send documents & forms to your client through their client profile under the Docs & Forms tab.

Within the Article:

Access Client Documents & Forms

Each client's profile has a documents & forms section. To access this, navigate to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client's name
  • Click the top tab Docs & Forms

Here we list all the clients documents & forms:

Docs & Forms Tab: Sections

Online Forms

Use our 100% flexible and customizable forms you created - or use and edit a form from our template library. Clients can view, complete, and sign these forms in the client portal.

  • Use  to assign a client an online form.
  • Click on a completed form name to view the response.

Assigned Client Documents

Your Read-Only PDF's that can be viewed & e-signed by a client. Clients can view and sign these forms in the client portal.

  • Use for a "one off" send (ex: a specific treatment plan)
  • Use to pick from your already uploaded standard client documents

Documents on File

Store any documents here for this client - such as referral forms, letters you've sent. Documents marked clinical will not be viewable by non-clinical staff.

Note: Clients CANNOT view these documents in the client portal.

Use to start the process.


  • Maximum file size: 10 MB
  • Filetypes Allowed: 
    • Documents: PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT
    • Images: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF

Attachments from Messages

Any attachments sent to or from the client via the portal messaging system (including by you or other staff) will be included here.

These are visible to the client in the portal via the original message attachment.

  • Click on the attachment name to view it.
  • If you are a part of the comment thread, you can view the original message for context by clicking
Article: Sending Messages