Standard Client Documents

Required Role

Managing Standard Client Documents requires the role of a therapist, manager, owner. These documents reside on a therapist profile

Standard Client Documents (click here for video tutorial)

Standard Client Documents are files that are assigned to clients for them to either view, download, or sign on their client portal account. Clients must have a client portal login to access documents you have assigned to them.

Adding and Managing your Standard Client Documents

To manage your Standard Client Documents as a therapist, go to My Profile > under "Standard Client Documents" click

Upload new Standard Client Documents

To upload new documents, click the button at the bottom right.

Owners and Managers

Managing Standard Client Documents as a manager and owner will look similar, but will have a dropdown at the top for each therapist you can manage on your group.

From here, you will be asked the following:

  • Form Title (required): this is what will be displayed as the document title to both you and clients
  • File (required): The file uploaded must be a PDF document or it will not upload. If you try to upload any other file type (.docx, .jpeg, etc) you will receive an error.
  • Form Description: This description will be shown to the client about the document.
  • Form Instructions: If you have instructions for your clients about this document, include them here.

Beneath that are three different types of Standard Client Document attributes your file can have. They can have all, some, or none of these attributes:

  • Require Signature: This is the electronic signature feature. Only one signature can be applied per document.
  • Require Reading: This will require the client to read this document, and will indicate to you whether they've opened it within their "Docs & Forms" and if so, on what date.
  • Auto-Assign: This document will be automatically assigned to all clients that have a client portal account created going forward.

After finished, click

Edit Standard Client Document Properties

To edit the properties above of any already uploaded Standard Client Documents, go back to your Standard Client Documents and click

See Which Standard Client Documents are Assigned to a Particular Client

To see what specific documents are assigned to a particular client, go to My Clients > Their Name > Docs & Forms > under "Assigned Client Documents" there will be a list of the standard client documents already assigned.

Assigning Standard Client Documents to Existing Clients

If you have clients that either already exist or do not have the standard client documents, navigate to My Clients > Their Name > Docs & Forms > and click

Common Questions

My patients can't fill in the form on the portal
We don't support fillable forms as standard client documents at this time. Please consider that the portal already has a place for a patient to enter their biographic information, their demographic and insurance information...and don't repeat that on a questionnaire. We recommend that you provide your informed consents/disclosures and HIPAA forms for patients to review, attest to reading, and sign. 

Do you have documents I can start from? 
If you already have your own consent form, start with those. If you need forms, you can start with these templates we provide as a courtesy: 

Don't forget to save them as .pdf before you upload them! 

Standard Client Documents - Video

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