Online Forms: Overview

In Online Forms, you will organize, manage, and store documents for client completion and/or e-sign. 

Keep reading to learn how to manage your library, find TherapyAppointment provided templates, and auto assign forms at intake.

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Navigate to Online Forms

To navigate to online forms, depending on your roles you have two options: 

Owners or Managers:

  • Go to Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Click Online Forms (top tab):
  • This brings you to an overview of forms that can be used Practice-wide

As a Provider:

  • Go to My Profile (left menu)
  • Under the Forms and Templates section, find Online Forms and click :
  • This brings you to an overview of the forms you've created specifically for your own use

Creating an Online Form

While in any of the above illustrated pages, click the the top right button to navigate to TherapyAppointment's provided templates as well as templates that have been self-created by your practice. 

Here you're presented with a blank form with unlimited potential!

Either start with a template, or start creating using the both draggable and clickable elements on the left. For more information about usage, please click here.

Managing Online Forms

To manage online forms, go to the form list (Practice SettingsOnline Forms) and hover over the form you wish to manage.

At the far right you will see 3 icons:

  • Edit → To jump into editing the form selected
  • Archive → Hides the form from both this list as well as the list of forms when assigning to clients
  • Delete → Delete the form (can only be done if the form has not been assigned to a client, otherwise please use the feature)

Managing Specific Online Form Options (In Form)

Settings for this Specific Form:

On the far right you will see a list of settings for this particular form:

Alternatively, you can also click the settings gear settings (top center) to bring up these options.

You have options! 🎉

You have additional form specific options such as Auto-Assign, Clinical Form, or Shared with Practice, explained below:


  • If enabled, this form will automatically be assigned to new clients going forward
  • The form will not be assigned to client who have previously created

Clinical Form

  • This form is for clinical eyes only, meaning it's only fully visible to:
    • Owners
    • Records custodians
    • or the therapist it was assigned under
  • Other staff will be able to see that the form exists, but won't be able to click and view it

Shared with Practice

  • This form is available to ALL therapists in the practice
  • If the form is also set to auto-assign, it will be assigned automatically to all newly registering clients of the practice
For more information about the editor menu and elements, check out our other article here!

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