Online Forms

In Online Forms, you can organize, manage, and store documents for client completion and/or e-sign. 

Learn more, including how to manage your library, find TherapyAppointment provided templates, and auto assigning forms at intake, below.

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Directions to Online Forms
Creating an Online Form
Managing Online Forms
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Directions to Online Forms

To navigate to online forms, there are two ways to do this.

As an Owner or Manager:

  1. Go to Practice Settings
  2. Click on the 'Online Forms' tab
  3. This brings you to an overview of the Practice-wide Online Forms:

As a Provider:

  1. Go to My Profile
  2. Under the section "Forms and Templates" top section Online Forms, click Edit
  3. This brings you to an overview of your specifically created Online Forms:

Creating an Online Form

To create an online form, from either above view, click the top right + New Form button:

From here you have 4 main options:

  1. Blank Form, which allows you to start creating an online form from scratch (like a "blank document")
  2. Your Templates, which allow you to pick from a list of your own, already created online forms (ex: if you have an adult and child version of a form, and change a few things and want to copy it over, create one then pick it as a new template when creating the second one)
  3. Your Practice's Templates, which allows you to pick from a list of online forms created by other providers in your practice
  4. TherapyAppointment Provided Templates, which allows you to pick from templates created by TherapyAppointment for your own use with common templates that would be helpful for a variety of practices and providers (please see the bottom section of this article for more information about some specific templates)

Managing Online Forms

To manage online forms, go to the form list (Practice Settings > Online Forms) and hover over the form you wish to manage.

At the far right you will see 3 icons:

  • Edit - To jump into editing the form selected
  • Archive - This works to hide the form from both this list, as well as the list of forms when assigning clients forms via their Docs & Forms tab
  • Delete - Delete the form (can only be done if the form has not been assigned to a client -- otherwise use the Archive feature)

Managing Specific Online Form Options

You can also manage forms once you click on a specific online form, looking at the top right you'll see:

  • Preview shows you a preview of what the document will look like and work from the client's view (auto-text like provider name and client name will not populate yet, but will populate when the client fills this out both on their view and your completed view of the form.
  • Delete is only available if you have not assigned this form yet to a client. Already assigned a form to a client and wish to hide it? Read about that with the below archive feature.
  • Archive a form when you wish to remove a form (reversible) from both your view and the list of assignable forms to clients, but you have already assigned it to a client.
  • Close reverts you back to your list of online forms
  • Save will save the progress of your online form so far (but will not make the changes live, think of it like a "work in progress draft"
  • Publish is to make the form and any respective changes saved live and assignable to clients. If you are making changes in a form and wish for those changes to become live immediately, click save, then publish. This will not affect already assigned forms, just forms assigned to clients going forward.

There are also options at the far right for this specific online form, explained below:

  • Displayed Name which is the name of the form that your clients will see
  • Internal Name is what both you and your staff will see the form listed as just while editing forms
  • Auto-Assign if enabled will automatically assign this form to any new clients created in the system (if shared with the practice, it will be assigned to all clients created in the practice)
  • Clinical Form means that only the provider, a provider with shared records, or someone enabled as a Records Custodian role for the provider will see this form. Front office staff will not able to view these forms
  • Shared With Practice means that it will be shared as an assignable form with other providers in the practice. Only owners and managers can view/preview all online forms for the practice

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