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TherapyAppointment users now have access to create 'patient facing' custom forms, which allow electronic signatures (e-sign), giving you the ability to have a truly paperless client intake process!

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Creating an Online Form
Online Form Elements
Assigning Online Forms
Un-Assign / Delete Online Forms
Electronic Signatures

Creating Your Own Unique Patient-Facing Online Form

For Providers, go to My Profile. Navigate to the 'Forms and Templates - Online Forms' section to edit and manage your forms.

For Owners/Managers, go to Practice Settings. Select the Online Forms top tab.

  • To create a customized form template, or for the full library of templates click  in the top right corner of the page. You will see a list of pre-made forms that you may select as a starting point, or choose 'blank form' to create one that is fully your own. 
  • Rename the form template by using the edit tool on the right under the  Displayed Name section: 

Online Form Elements

Add Form Element

Click the button to customize your new online form template. This area is used to add online form sections, such as an 'Instructional Text', 'Multiple Choice' and 'Auto Text' fields. These fields make up the body of the custom template form. Below is a descriptor of elements you can utilize: 

  1. Click Add Form Element, then select from many drop-down menu options (click outside of the Form Element area to clear the view).
    1. Title/Heading: Up to 60 Characters, with an editable Display Name Field. 
    2. Paragraphs/Free Text: Use for text fields with more than 60 characters. 
    3. Single Line Text Field: Patient Interactive Field. Allows for up to 50 Characters as a Question or Descriptor, and provides clients with a line to enter their answer into. 
    4. Multi-Line Text Field: Patient Interactive Field: Allows for up to 50 Characters as a Question or Descriptor, and provides clients to enter 'long answers'. 
    5. Email Address Field: Patient Interactive Field which is pre-organized to accept an email address entry from a patient. 
    6. E-signature Field: Patient Interactive Field which is pre-set to allow a client to sign the document from a touch screen device. 
    7. Drop-Downs: Patient Interactive Field which allows you to use up to 50 characters to describe the field and allow them to choose from a list of answers that drop down. 
    8. Checkboxes and Radios: Patient Interactive Field which allows you to use up to 50 characters to describe the field and allow them to check one or more items on a list of answers. 
    9. Range: Patient Interactive Field which allows you to use up to 50 characters to describe the field and allow them to slide an indicator of intensity.  
    10. Date Field: Patient Interactive Field which allows them to enter a date with the use of a calendar selector. 
    11. Auto Text Fields for Practice name and Address, Practice Banner and Logo, Therapist Name, Client Name and Date of Birth and address. Choosing these field types will 'auto complete' with the required data, saving the client time in completing the form.
  2. Form Settings: 
    1. 'Auto-Assign'- the form will automatically assign to the documents section of the client portal when logging into the portal for the first time. The form WILL NOT be assigned to patients who have created a username and password for the portal. 
    2. 'Clinical Form' - defines the template as collecting data meant for clinical eyes only, thus only owner, records custodian, and provider roles may view the answers to these types of forms. 
    3. 'Shared with Practice' - creates this form into the groups library of forms. Individual provider profiles then have access to publish this form and make it available for assigning to their clients. 

Managing Fields

Once a field has been selected, clicking in the field on the left side of the page brings up a right side editing tool enabling customization of  element width, alignment, field names, and size and boldness of the typeface.This is also where the element can be deleted from the form, or copied and automatically placed at the bottom of the form. 

Save and/or Publish

Opting to Save makes the template available within your template library as a draft. Publish the template in order to share with a client (or practice group, if 'shared with practice' option was selected).

Assigning Online Forms

Select the client name and navigate to their profile (All / My Clients > their name Docs & Forms top tab).
The Provider can assign created online forms once clicking to .

Un-Assigning or Deleting Online Forms

The Provider can delete any form that has not yet been started or completed by the client.
To do so, go to All / My Clients >  their name >  Docs & Forms top tab > and to the right of the form click [Delete] - which will remove the form like below:

Online Forms that have already been completed or started cannot be removed from the system for auditing and record-keeping purposes

Electronic Signatures

When someone “signs” a form (either drawn or typed), this is known as an Electronic Signature. Adding the e-Signature element when creating your custom online form allows the client to securely sign and verify their agreement (TherapyAppointment applies cryptographic integrity verification).

When a user views a completed a form with one or more signature pads, the client and the provider will see an electronic signature mark on display.

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