The TherapyAppointment Dashboard provides a snapshot view of your practice!

You are automatically directed to the dashboard page after log-in. Color-coding brings your attention to what needs immediate action.

This is breakdown of the dashboard sections in order:

Overall Dashboard View

Here's a 'Page View' of the Dashboard screen which includes the elements listed above:  

Click to see a larger version

Today's Appointments

At the top left, an agenda view of today’s schedule and a quick link to the session summary page. Easily see the time, appointment type and appointment alerts. [Therapist Role]

Charts In Review

If you are a clinical supervisor, when your supervisees finish a note, it will be on the dashboard awaiting you review! [Therapist Role].

If you are a supervisee, these are indicating notes that are either not yet signed by your supervisor, or that have been sent back to you for review (to resubmit).

Article: Supervision

Uncharted Appointments

A list of scheduled sessions that you have not yet taken payment for nor started a chart note on. [Therapist Role]

Click on the list item to reveal the appointment popup for further actions

Article: Start Charting

Incomplete Charts

A list of unfinished session notes. We get it, things get busy! Tidy up your "to do" list here by completing the chart notes for that appointment [Therapist Role]

Click on the list item to reveal the appointment popup for further actions

Article: Start Charting

Expiring Treatment Plans

Set a treatment plan with an expiration date in the system? We have you covered!

You will be notified when you have treatment plans coming due in the next two weeks along with any that have expired and need to be updated. [Therapist Role]

Unconfirmed Appointments

Have a look at patients who have not yet confirmed their upcoming appointment occurring today or tomorrow :

You are likely sending reminders to patients about their upcoming sessions and asking patients to confirm that they are coming to the appointments in those reminders. If a patient shows on the unconfirmed appointment list, consider giving them a quick phone call near the end of the business day to remind them of their appointment!

For more information about reminders and confirmations click here.

Client Management

At the top right, you'll see two tools shown below: 

These lists allow you to Review either one for details.

person_add New Clients

  • Clients are listed here when either self-registering, or created by staff. 
  • Clients are automatically removed from this list after the first session note is completed.
  • Click the blue button to see a list of new clients, with some filters and actions:

  • You'll be taken to the above screen, where you can see the list of all new clients currently.
  • Use the blue button to schedule an appointment for the client (if needed)

At the top right you'll see a few menu options, detailed here:

    • Therapists (can select multiple)
    • Date Range, with some common preselects
    • Check off at least one client first to the left to reveal this option
    • Set selected [clients as] inactive (removes them from this list)
    • Set selected [clients as] active (also removes them from this list)
  • (download)
    • PDF Document
    • CSV Spreadsheet

autorenew Client Retention

Client retention allows you to review clients that have scheduled with some regularity in the past, and now have no upcoming appointments.

Clicking from the dashboard allows you to see a list of those clients:

⚠️ Note: Questions about how we make this list?

Below you will find the "Client Retention Criteria" we use here:

  • The client’s status (under their Profile) is Active
  • The client has at least 2 appointments on the schedule between 2 - 8 weeks ago
  • The client has 0 appointments from 2 weeks before today & onward

Client retention works like the new client report with the similar top right menu options:

    • Therapist (can select multiple)
    • Set selected [clients as] inactive (removes them from this list)
    • Message Selected
    • Snooze Selected (hide from report)
      • Snoozing client(s) means they're hidden on this report until the set date (default 1 year):
  • (download)
    • PDF Document
    • CSV Spreadsheet

Think of this as a "rolling report" or metric: clients cannot be removed from this list but will be removed automatically after the 6 week time period.

Insurance / Claims:

On the right column of the dashboard, under "Client Management" you'll notice a variety of claims related actions.

With these lists, you are able to easily filter each one and even print or export! (CSV or PDF, which you can save or print)

Problem ERAs

If any, will be listed here:

Claim Actions

From scrub problems to submitting claims, this is a heads up overview of your claims with various options listed below:

⚠️ Note: Our list views have slightly changed related to claims and insurance actions. Cleaner view, more actions like downloading a CSV or PDF report with the (...) top right button.

Here's an example of the "Ready to submit claims" screen:

Claims Pipeline & Clearinghouse Updates

Details the claims process, from submitted claims you're waiting on to rejected claims, or any clearinghouse updates are shown below.

This information is similarly displayed on the Billing & Insurance Dashboard page.

Insurance Policy Problems

Clients who have insurance authorizations coming due soon or who need their insurance information verified will show up here.