Therapist Schedule and Appointments

The Schedule function allows a therapist and their admin team (if any) to view their upcoming schedule in a variety of ways, and to manage your main responsibility: seeing and charting on your clients!

Read on to find out more about scheduling and appointments within TherapyAppointment!

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verified_user Required Roles:

  • To see the entire practice schedule, you must be an Owner or Front Office Scheduler role
  • Providers have view of their own schedule, and would need the above role to see all other provider's schedules in the practice
  • Providers may see a busy/free overview schedule of other providers without the scheduler role if the other therapist enables it

The Schedule (left menu) gives you an overview of appointments for providers:

⚠️ Note: You have options!

Check out our dashboard article to see your day at a glance as well: The Dashboard.

Schedule View

First, here's an overview of the schedule of a normal, single provider:

Within the Schedule at the top right you can toggle your view [ Month / Week / Day ] shown below:

The Month tab does not show availability. It only shows scheduled appointments and meetings. Instead, please consider using either the Week, Day, or Find Availability view (discussed under the section scheduling options below) to see your availability.

Create New Appointment or Meeting

Similar to other calendar programs, to create an appointment or meeting just click on the date/time on the calendar you wish the appointment to start at.

By default, Appointment is selected as the 'type' but you can switch it to Meeting, or Out of Office (all day):

⚠️ Note: Just like appointments, you can set Meetings or OOO to repeat. Just click More Details / Options when scheduling.

Then, fill in the details:

From the new popup shown above, enter the client name and select them from the dropdown. If a group, enter a portion of the group name.

Here we list the appointment details:

  • Who (provider)
  • When (date/time)
  • Where (office location)
  • CPT code
  • and telehealth option (if enabled) for the appointment

🗓️ Note: Want to edit more details, like repeating appointments?

Once the information above is entered, click the More Details / Options button at the bottom:

Schedule Feature: Next Appointment Warning

When you are scheduling, and have a client name entered in the popup, you will see a handy feature of the client's next upcoming appointment, to avoid booking too close to the client's other appointments, with a color coordinated warning legend explained below!

You'll see 3 different warning types / colors:

  • Red if an existing appointment is on the same day
  • Orange if an existing appointment is within a calendar week of the one you are scheduling
  • Blue if the client has an upcoming appointment outside those two timeframes above

This is something you are free to disregard, the system does not block you in any way, it's just an alert.

Here's an example of the Orange warning:

Reschedule an Appointment

To reschedule an appointment, you have one of two options:

1. If it is on the same week, you can just "drag & drop" the appointment, example shown below:

2. From the Schedule, click on the appointment and go to the top Scheduling tab.

From there you can change the date/time of the appointment, alongside other things.

Schedule Options

On the far right menu once in the Schedule, you'll notice the following options shown below:

Collapse the Menu

Click the ( > ) arrow button to hide options for a larger schedule view, highlighted below:

Find Availability

This is a handy feature that combines your availability into a hybrid calendar: showing you a monthly alongside your free appointment slots for the selected date on the left.

This may be also be handy if you have a client in the office that wishes to see your availability as well, since it doesn't reveal client names.

We also incorporate icons based on your availability sections, so you and staff have a quick 'heads up' view of which appointment types a provider should have scheduled. Article: Availability Setup

These are visible to the right of the availability slot, example shown below:


  • To the right is your Monthly view. We default to the first available slot based on your availability. Click on any date to pull up the availability for that date
  • To the left is your Daily view for any therapists selected
    • Each free slot will be shown with the time and color of location
    • If not available, there will be no button for that time period

Set filters at the bottom right like:

  • Client Name
  • Therapist Tags (more info)
  • Therapist
  • Appt length
  • # of weekly visits
  • Time of day
  • Locations

Therapist Tags:

Each therapist can have none, one, or many tags. Multiple providers can have the same tag, and you can use this when filtering availability, making it easy for your practice to organize providers when finding availability.

Article with tag setup


Create an Appointment

  • Click the time buttons on the left (ie: 8:00 AM) to load a prompt to schedule an appointment for that date & time, shown below:

  • Similar to the schedule, you can click book it to schedule, or More Details to set more advanced options, including repeat appointments

⚠️ Tip: Want other providers to see your schedule?

As a Provider with no front office roles, this feature also allows you to view other providers schedules (as well as in the normal schedule), if other providers have enabled it.

To enable this setting as a provider, go to:

  • Schedule (left menu)
  • then Calendar Settings (right button) 
  • At the top you will see this option shown below:

Are you a Manager or Owner and want to edit providers settings? If so, navigate to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Then Staff, then click on their name, then Calendar Settings and click Edit

After enabling, other providers in your group will be able to see your availability from either their Schedule, or their Find Availability feature!

On the far right menu, click on the Therapists filter and check off each provider you wish to see the availability of:

Find Availability also shows you a similar "Next Appointment Warning" feature described in an above section (granted you added the client name as a filter on the right), noting the client's appointments around the same timeframe of the one you're scheduling to avoid accidental overbooking as shown below, we've got you covered!

Other Schedule Right Menu Options:

  • New Client: Create a new client and then optionally schedule them for an appointment (as well as additionally sending a client portal invite all in one action!)
  • Edit Availability: See this article for more information: Calendar Availability Set Up
  • Calendar Settings:
    • Managing if other providers in your group can see a busy / available version of your calendar either on their schedule, or when using Find Availability (discussed above)
    • Where you can manage various calendar settings like Google / Calendar Sync (article here)
    • Managing holidays on your schedule
  • Go to Date: Takes you to a specific date on the calendar
  • Calendar Start Time: This allows you to set when your "day" starts (the "top" of the schedule).
    To do this you'd first click on the hour # first, then the minute #. Refresh the page to apply the changes.
  • Therapist Filter: Pick and choose what providers you want to view (we support viewing deactivated provider schedules as well!):

⚠️ Note: Want to re-arrange therapists based on selected order instead of alphabetical?

To do this, click the X to the far right of all the providers names to clear out all providers (optional). Then, pick in order from left to right which providers you wish to populate your schedule.


  • Location Filter: Filter by office location
  • Show Cancellations: opt to hide or show (in red) cancelled appointments on the schedule
  • Legend: shows the colors of appointments based on their status