Google Calendar Sync

TA 2.0 allows for integration with Google Calendar, in a secure manner. This two-way synchronization regularly syncs, ensuring the Google Calendar and TherapyAppointment calendar are up to date and matching.

Click here for video tutorial.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

  • Click My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to 'Calendar Settings', click Edit
  • Click the 'Connect to Google' option
  • Clarify which Google Account you would like to synchronize TherapyAppointment with (if already signed into Google)
    • If not signed into Google, enter the Google account credentials

That's it! The TA/Google calendars are now synchronized.

Going to My Schedule from the left-hand menu show both the TherapyAppointment calendar and the Google Calendar.

Things to be aware of:

  • Any events already listed on the TherapyAppointment calendar will not be transferred to the Google Calendar.
  • After syncing, any new appointments created on the TherapyAppointment will show up on the Google Calendar.
  • It is not possible to edit the TherapyAppointment calendar entries from Google. Likewise, it is not possible to edit any Google calendar entries from TherapyAppointment. This is for security reasons!

To disconnect a Google Account, simply go to:

  • My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to 'Calendar Settings', click Edit
  • Select the Disconnect from Google option
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