Google Calendar Sync

TherapyAppointment allows for integration with Google Calendar in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner.

This two-way synchronization will synchronize any updates on each side (for any future appointments), ensuring your Google Calendar and TherapyAppointment are up to date, matching, and you don't miss anything!

Syncing Google Calendar

  • Click My Schedule on the left menu
  • Click  on the right hand menu:
  • Then on  seen below to the right of the Google Calendar section:
  • Clarify which Google Account to synchronize TherapyAppointment with (if already signed into a Google account, or multiple accounts: they will be listed):
    • If not signed into Google, click  & enter your Google credentials
    • Click Allow if prompted additionally to allow access.

Once you click on your account name or enter another set of Google credentials, your TherapyAppointment & Google calendars are now connected!

Please ensure you are aware of the following:

  • Upon initial sync, while most times it's immediate there may be a slight delay in synchronizing if you have a large number of events.
  • After syncing, any new appointments created on the TherapyAppointment schedule and side on the provider's schedule will show up on the Google Calendar side as either an appointment or meeting (non-customizable for client privacy) on a calendar named TherapyAppointment.
  • It is possible to edit the TherapyAppointment calendar entries from Google (to ensure we can update it if you reschedule the appointment), but it is not possible to edit any Google calendar entries from TherapyAppointment.
  • Other staff are not shown provider Google Calendar events or calendar names for provider privacy and only the providers themselves will be able to see their own Google Calendars on their schedule (cannot be configured otherwise).
  • The Google calendar events only act as an overlay and do not actually block appointment time availability for clients self-scheduling. If you wish to block off your schedule availability from clients, might we consider creating either a meeting or scheduled "all day" meeting/out of office option to block off your availability on TherapyAppointment (or even schedule an exception in your availability to no availability or reduced if need be).

Here's a view of what Google Calendars looks like when connected on your schedule (separate color for each calendar), you'll notice check marks beside each calendar name on the right that acts as a sticky setting to view/hide that specific calendar:

Disconnecting a Google Account

  • Click My Schedule on the left menu
  • Click  on the right hand menu:
  • Then on the red  button seen below to the right of the Google Calendar