Autopilot and Today Schedule

If you're looking for a simple, easy heads-up view of your calendar items and common tasks, look no further!

The Today and Auto-Pilot views give you an overview of the day on a screen designed to be able to have up while in sessions.

To take advantage of this feature as a therapist, click  Today (left menu).

Today View

This view gives you a look at your daily schedule with client initials for privacy.

⚠️ Note: Clicking on an appointment or meeting will allow you to view the details of that particular calendar item like in the screenshot below:

Change the Date

Need to review a different day? Click on the day / date to reveal a calendar dropdown where you can select another day:

Auto-Pilot View

Clicking on either Auto-Pilot button while in the today view will bring you to the Auto-Pilot view:

This brings you to Auto-Pilot, highlighted below:

  • Once in Auto-Pilot, you'll be given the time and your unread messages link on the left hand side, along with your calendar items on the right side.
  • Click any of the circles beneath the text on the right side to show your calendar items.
  • Clicking on the first circle reveals the first item on the schedule today:

This gives you details like the client initials, appointment start/end time, and further quick options like:

  • View Appointment (the appointment popup)
  • Previous Note (most recent chart note recorded)
  • Schedule Next Appointment