Repeating Appointments

When seeing a client on a regular, ongoing basis, save yourself some time and opt to create a repeating appointment!

  • Within your menu option Schedule: click on the day/time desired to start the repeating appointments.
  • Include the relevant information (like client name, Telehealth option)
  • Then select like below:

  • Then, set the Repeats? option to YES like below:

From here, you can customize to repeat every:

  • Every __ Days, Weeks, or Months
  • You can select multiple dates on the week: so for example every week on Monday and Thursday.
  • You can also set the repeat appointment to end after a certain number of appointments (occurrences). This count includes the original appointment.

⚠️ Note: Repeats appointments are ONLY available when the user clicks while scheduling.

It is currently not possible to go back into the created appointment and edit the singular appointment to have it repeat. You would instead want to follow this process from start to finish.