Managing Appointments: No Shows, Cancellations

When a client late-cancels or no-shows an appointment, follow this process to accurately document and/or charge the patient for their missed appointment!

In this Article:

Access the Cancellation Page

To begin the process, you may start from many places to get to the same end:

  • From the Schedule, click on the appointment
  • From the Dashboard click on the appointment listed under 'Today's Appointments
  • From the 'Today' view, click the appointment
  • From the patient's Appointment tab in their profile, click on the appointment. 

Then, select as shown below:

Cancellation Page

The cancellation page will show you something similar as below, and we will go in depth with each option:

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Information entered into this text field will be entered onto the appointment screen itself.

Once canceled, it will be visible to staff and the provider to see when the appointment is clicked from the schedule (visual in this article section here)

⚠️  Note: Additionally, if it is a repeating appointment we will ask if you'd like to cancel all future occurrences.

CPT / Fee:

Use the dropdown to select the code or fee that you are charging for the cancelled appointment.

Once selected, you can then change the amount charged if need be on the far right:

⚠️  Note: To adjust the charged amount, you must have the role(s):
  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Biller
  • or Therapist with the financial role
⚠️ Note: We support charging for both Custom CPT codes as well as System CPT codes.

Need assistance with CPT codes?  Creating Custom CPT codes

Charge Saved Card?

If your account is connected with credit card processing and the client has a card on file, you may automatically charge that card for the missed appointment fee.

Make Chart Entry?

Entries made into this field become a 'quick note' chart entry (article: Writing a Quick Note) in the patients clinical record. They will be a part of the client's records when viewed or printed. 

When done picking options, click Continue:

🎉 Success!

Your appointment has now been cancelled with the settings you picked.

Cancellations: Schedule View

In the calendar view indicated below, if you have selected the option on the right to Show Cancellations? the canceled client appointments for this provider will show up as a RED colored appointment.

You can then click on the now red appointment. The reason/note will be on the right side, and also indicates the staff member who canceled the appointment, and when:

Cancellations: Billing View

In the:

  • Client's Profile → under their Billing tab (top), shown below
  • Or that specific appointments Billing tab (pictured below the orange section)
  • The no-show will be listed along with the service fee:

Didn't charge a CPT code for a cancelled appointment and now need to?

⚠️ Note: If you did not opt to charge a fee (CPT Code) in the cancellation, you will NOT be able to add a CPT code later to this particular appointment. You would need to re-add a new appointment for the client for the same date/time, then cancel the new appointment again and opt to charge a fee / CPT code.

If you DO charge a fee / CPT code, regardless of which one, you can at any later time change the CPT code, or owed amount by the client by clicking on the appointment DOS from the above Billing tab, bringing you to the screen below. Click on the Description column of the current CPT code charged, change the CPT code there and save.