Managing Appointments: No Shows, Cancellations

When a client late-cancels or no-shows an appointment, follow this process to accurately document and/or charge the patient for the late cancel/no show.

To begin the process, you may start from many places to get to the same end:

  •        Go to the CALENDAR (My Schedule or Practice Schedule) and click on the appointment,
  •        If the appointment is today, go to my Dashboard and click on the appointment.
  •        If the appointment is today, go to Today and click on the appointment.
  •        If you are in the patient’s profile APPOINTMENT tab, click on the appointment.

Then, select [Cancel Appointment] like below:

After clicking the button, you're brought to the next screen:

  • Reason/Note: Saved with the appointment when clicking on it, this is not a part of the chart note records for the client, but available for providers and staff to see when clicking on an appointment on the schedule or within the client profile.
  • CPT/Fee: Newly added -- we now support both Custom CPT codes as well as System CPT codes to be billable from here. For help with where to add or modify Custom or System CPT codes, check out this article: Creating Custom CPT codes
  • Charge Saved Card?: Available to save you clicks in billing a card on file set to yes if 1) a client has a card saved and 2) you have it enabled in your Practice Settings > Billing & Insurance > Payment Processing (option: Automatic Payment in Charting)
  • Make Chart Entry?: This is optional as well, and anything entered here will become a part of the client's records

On the appointment screen, the notation will be on the right side, and indicate the staff member who canceled/marked the appointment, along with the reason

In the calendar view indicated below, IF you have selected the option on the right to SHOW CANCELLATIONS, the cancelled client appointment will show up as RED and clicking on the appointment will reveal the appointment screen pictured above the line. 

On the patient’s billing tab, the no-show will be listed along with the service fee. 

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