Managing Appointments: No Shows, Cancellations

Need to make changes to an individual client appointment?

Whether a client is a No Show or needs to Cancel their session, a few quick clicks allow for handling this easily.

Manage a No Show/Cancellation

  • Locate the client session within My Schedule
  • Click No Show/Cancel Appointment
  • Clarify any details within the 'Reason/Note' section
    • **NOTE: The 'Reason/Note' shows up only when clicking on the appointment via the schedule or appointment tab.
  • Check No Show, if applicable

  • Check Make Chart Entry?, if applicable
    • **NOTE: 'Make Chart Entry?' will show up as an actual recorded chart note, if included.
  • Select any fees to be charged from the drop-down options, as well as whether to make a chart note
  • Click Save

If the Provider has enabled the option stating 'Receive emails about online appointment changes and urgent messages?', within the Online Scheduling section, any new/modified/cancelled appointments notifications are sent via email.

**NOTE: When a client schedules/cancels their appointment, via their portal, an email will also notify the Provider.
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