Client Profile : Main

The client profile holds things like client demographics, referral source, emergency contacts, as well as insurance plan information. This is one of the most-used screen in the system.

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Client profile sections in order, top to bottom left to right:

Client Profile: Sections

right_panel_close Right-hand Menu: Click here

info Send portal invite, reset password, reminder & login history, client portal & two-factor status, client face sheet (PDF), timezone and creation details

To navigate to the Client Profile, go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click the client's name from the list or use filters on the right to narrow it down.
  • You will then be brought to the client Profile page

Video demonstration:

Personal Information (Demographics)

On the client's profile page you may edit basic demographics at the top section including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Employment
  • Plus any enabled Customizable Client Demographic fields enabled for the practice
    • Example of this shown in the second line of 3 demographics below:

Within the section, click the top right edit_square edit button to make changes.

Below the top section, you'll find the following client options:

Phone & Email

View or update phone numbers and email addresses here, as well as reminder settings:

settings Options:

Far Right:
delete Delete the phone number or email address
edit_square Edit the phone number or email address

Far Left:
star Solid blue star marks the default (if more than one of a contact type exists)
content_copy Copy the phone number or email address

Article: Client Reminders (phone or email)

mail View Client Email History

Need to check the emails (including date/time) sent to a client? Failed deliveries? We have you covered here!

To see all emails sent to this client, click the clock icon shown here:

This loads a popup that lists all emails sent to the client by the system:

Click to see a larger version
lightbulb Want to see all practice-wide emails?

Click the bottom right button shown here:
Click to see a larger version

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unsubscribe If an email address fails

You'll see an orange alert shown here:

Clicking the orange alert will show the email history and status for this client.

Once loaded, on the left look for the red icon for delivery failures.

construction Fixes / Solutions:

Oftentimes it just takes you double checking to ensure the email address doesn't contain any typos. Edit the email address on file, then resend the portal invite.

Still having issues? Consider asking the client reach out to their email service provider to investigate. You can give your client the following:

  • exact date/time we attempted to deliver the email (within our tool)
  • email address we use (

Client Memo & Alert

This (alert) appears in various areas of the system like the dashboard, schedule, and client list, as well as the client profile (both).

Article: Client Alerts and Memos

Diagnosis Codes

  • Providers can click edit to update the diagnosis outside an appointment with a quick note entry.
  • Hovering over the diagnosis code (ie: Z63.1) will display the diagnosis description
  • Video example shown here:

  • Additionally, you can set the Illness onset date here
  • As well as 10 a-c: injured at work / in car accident / other)

Photo ID

View or upload a client photo ID, drivers license, or any form of identification needed (front & back):

Take a picture, or upload an already saved image:

Save on typing!

Uploading a drivers license also allows you to automatically update the client name, DOB, and address!

Referral Source

  • Document who or how your client was referred to your practice
  • The dropdown is populated by the referral sources entered in your Practice Contacts
  • Run a report for helpful insights as well

Article: Client Referral Source (and Reports)


Here you can update your client's address, and even optionally add a different mailing address.

Client Contacts

Here you can view or update any client contacts you may wish to have on file. This is for people like parents, significant others, a close friend, etc.

This section additionally includes emergency and responsible party contact designations:

Client Status

This is a per provider setting, and can be manually chosen for a client.

Clients entered into TherapyAppointment are automatically designated as new.

Status information is detailed below:

  • New: Where clients start out. A first session has not yet been completed for this client. The client may or may not be scheduled for a first appointment
  • Active: Clients are automatically moved to 'active' status upon completion of their first session (locked chart note).
  • Inactive: This client is no longer going to be included in your main searches, won't come up when scheduling appointments, and won't be able to send messages. To 'search' for an inactive client, be sure and set your search filter to include inactive clients.

Article: Access Inactive Clients

Article: Make a client inactive

Group Memberships

Lists any groups the client is a member of. You can also add a client to a group here.

Article: Groups: Creating, Scheduling, Charting, and Payments

Credit Cards

Add, view, or delete any saved card on file. With multiple cards, a blue star will appear to the left of the card marked as default. Click the empty star of another card to change if needed:

Article: Take a Payment

Private Pay

If enabled, the client will be charged the flat, private pay rate for all sessions by default. Can be toggled on / off.

Primary & Secondary Insurance

Primary & Secondary Insurance

Add, view, edit, or delete any insurance information on file

⚠️  Note: You can also add a copy of the Primary Insurance card on file (front/back photo)
       This feature CANNOT automatically extract data and auto-fill fields from insurance cards.

description Example of insurance entered:

At the top of each 3 sections are buttons labeled below:

Edit Insurance Company View Notes Edit Section
settings manage_search edit_square

Beneath that you'll notice:

description Benefits Confirmations and Pre-Authorizations:

To the right you'll see similar icons:

View Notes Delete Section Edit Section
manage_search delete edit_square

Insurance Verifications

Insurance Verifications

Generate or view insurance verifications using Real Time Eligibility for participating insurance companies:

Article: Insurance Eligibility Verification

Right-hand Menu

To the right we have a menu with other common usages:

Example profile:

From top to bottom:

Top Buttons:

Beneath the buttons:

⚠️ Note: Not seeing the right-side menu? Using a smaller screen? If you're on a phone or tablet, scroll to the very bottom of the client profile to view these sections.

lock Client locked out of the portal?

We have security measures in place to keep your accounts safe.

If your client is locked out of the portal due to too many invalid login attempts, go to their profile → right-hand menu → just below all the grey buttons, click shown here:

We also suggest confirming the username with the client. With just that and their email address on file, they can reset their password on their own with the steps here.