Customizable Client Demographics and Reports

You now have an option to include custom fields in your view of your client’s profile, and you can generate reports based on fields!

TherapyAppointment has incorporated additional, optional client demographic settings and reporting. This can be extremely helpful for non-profit entities who need to gather data in order to write grants or report to a board of directors.

Key Notes:

visibility_off These specific demographics are not displayed to clients
description not registering
groups practice staff

Within this Article:

⚠️ Required Role:
To configure this setting you must be either an Owner or Manager

Set Up Customizable Client Demographics

To configure these additional demographics, go to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Click Client Demographics (top right tab)

From here, you can sort from our generated list of optional additional client demographic settings.

Scroll down the list to see more options.

From top to bottom we have:

  • 10 customizable fields that supports free text input
  • 1 additional searchable field that supports free text input (this shows up on the client search too)
  • Additional, pre-formatted advanced demographics that we've built

There are two check marks: Enabled, and Required


Means the demographic is 'live' and any staff can:

  • View or edit the enabled demographics in the client's profile
  • Or when creating a new client (discussed below)


This means when a staff member is editing the client's personal information (top profile section) or when creating a new client, an answer for that demographic is required to be entered before that section can be saved.

🛠️ Customizable Fields

  • We support up to 10 customizable fields at the top
  • Answers are 'free text' entries that staff can enter for clients in their profile
  • They also show up on the reporting side of things as well!

To edit, simply click the edit icon shown below:

Then enter the name of your custom demographic. Afterwards, click the save icon, shown below:

New Client

When creating new clients, customizable client demographics are also a part of this process.

Any fields set to required would need to be completed before creating a new client:

Edit Customizable Demographics on a Client

Editing these is as easy as editing any other client demographic!

Once properly configured, head to the client's profile:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click the client's name
  • In the top section Personal Information click the edit icon (top right):

movie Video

  • Make your necessary demographic changes (dropdown or manual entry)
  • When finished click (top right)

Client Demographics Reports

To view a report of your customizable client demographics, navigate to:

  • Reporting (left menu)
  • In the far right column, select Explorer:

Below will be a list of clients and client details (including the demographics) that match the filters on the right:


  • Quickly go to to manage or edit (top right blue button)
  • Search by keyword (below graphics above client results)
  • Want this list of clients and info in your own spreadsheet file? Use (far right blue button)



  • Name
  • Client Added Date
  • Account #
  • Client Status
  • Therapist
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Gender
  • Any other customizable client demographics you've enabled will be listed here

Filter by:

  • Date client was added into the system
  • Client Status
  • Therapist(s)
  • Search field for almost all column fields (below pie charts, above client list)
⚠️ Note: Want to export the current set of clients and details into a handy spreadsheet? Want to do more with your data with your own custom generated reports outside TherapyAppointment?

Click the button on the right to download a spreadsheet of this data for any of your more advanced reporting configurations you wish to create on your own!