Client Merging (Client Duplicates)

The client merging feature allows you to combine duplicate clients in the system into a single client profile.

Here's how that works:

gpp_maybe Required role:

  • Merging Clients requires the role of: practice owner, manager, or therapist.
  • Staff with just front desk (scheduler or biller) access will not see the merge button.

In This Article:

Video Of The Process:

How Duplicates are Detected

We use the following criteria to attempt to determine a duplicate client. This should catch most duplicates:

  • Last name exact match & First Name partial match, or
  • Last name exact match & Preferred Name partial match, or
  • Last name exact match & DOB exact match, or
  • Email exact match, or
  • Phone exact match

How Duplicates are Displayed

Under the client profile, we only show the duplicate alert banner if the client status is marked as new (for any of their providers)

Clients are also moved from NewActive when you lock their first chart note.

When marked as new, you will see this at the top of the client profile when a duplicate is detected:

Client not shown as a duplicate?

If so, they are likely marked as either Active or Inactive

Mark the profile you wish to merge as New under client status, then scroll to the top of the client profile to see the above yellow ribbon notifying you of the potential duplicates.

Clicking Show Duplicates will reveal other potential duplicates we find in the system, including:

  • Client Name
  • Client Account #
  • Birthday
  • Email
  • and Phone #

Client Merging

To merge the existing client profile with another (or vice versa), to the right of the listed duplicate click the icon shown below:

To merge the existing client profile with another or vice versa, to the right of the duplicate click this icon: share

You're then taken to our next step, the Merging Process:

Merging Process

Here we have to pick one "winning" profile that we keep. More info: what is and is not merged

From the above screen, you can:

  • Keep the original client (the profile you started the merge from)
  • This would merge the remaining records from the profile on the right by clicking Yes, Keep This Record

Below, we load a 3 step process:

1. Confirm Duplicate Records

  • Review the demographics listed here, ensuring they are the correct one you wish to keep:
  • Check the box indicating you reviewed the information
  • If there are differences, type those differences in on each field to confirm

2. Review Changes

  • Here we show you an overview of what will be merged
  • Want to know more details? Click here to jump to the section of what will and will not be merged
  • Check the two boxes at the bottom acknowledging:
    • The reviewed list looks good
    • Understanding that a client merge cannot be undone
  • Then click

3. Merge Clients

🎉 This last step is done automatically where we merge the client for you!

Want to keep the other profile instead?

If you'd prefer to keep the demographics from the other client, click No, Keep This Record instead on the right:

What is Merged?

The following items from the duplicate account are merged over:


  • Any provider under either client would then have access to the singular client profile
  • Saved credit card
⚠️ Note: If the client has a card on file already, we do not add the card on file from the other client profile to cut down on duplicate card entries and confusion.


  • Any Appointments
  • Client chart entries
  • Treatment plan updates
  • PHI release log entries


  • Claims
  • Accounting entries (charges, payments, refunds, and adjustment)

Docs & Forms

All Messages

What is NOT Merged?

The remaining client profile data will not be merged to the "winning" client record.

That includes:
  • demographics from the profile you don't choose to keep like:
  • client portal login
  • memos & alerts
  • photo ID
  • referral source
  • address
  • phones & emails
  • contacts or groups
  • client specific insurance information

The client will need to use the client portal account on the "winning" profile for access going forward.

If they do not have a client portal account (or it was removed because it was a part of the other profile), you can send them an invite with the steps from this article: Portal Credentials