Billing & Insurance Dashboard

Required Role: Owner, Manager, Front Office, Biller, or therapist (with financial role)

The billing and insurance dashboard gives you a high-level overview and tools related to the common tasks required for billing, insurance, and claims.

Dashboard Overview

To access, click Billing & Insurance (left menu)

Here's an overview of the screen, below we go into detail about the different features:

Top Menu

At the top right of the screen, you'll find a few actions explained below:

The top-right three blue buttons allow you to perform the following:



  • To manually add an EOB (searchable by insurance company or client name)
  • Article: Entering an EOB (pick up on step 5)


  • To take a payment (searchable by client name[s] or provider name
  • We also support multiple client or provider entries in the search fields

Note: Using the button opens as a dropdown menu, shown below.


Click to see a larger version


Find Charges

  • Filter by date, therapist, clients, insurance, CPT codes

Find Client Payments and Refunds

  • Filter by date, therapist, client, payment/refund type, and check/reference #

Find Insurance Payments (ERA/EOB)

  • Filter by payment date, insurance, payer name, payment type, or check #

Find Claims

  • Filter by date of service, insurance company, therapist, client, submission date, claim status, & claim ID

Find Statements

  • Filter by statement generation date, therapist, client, or statement type

Additionally, these reports can be sorted further by clicking any of the top column names (↑ and ↓ either alphabetically or numerically). Once applied, you will see an up or down arrow beside the column name.

Each of these reports follows a similar visual structure:

A breakdown of the options at the top and what they do, numbered below:

1. On the Left:

  • Lists the active filters you're using. Click on any filter to show all filters to the right

2. On the right:

  • shows all filters on the right
  • will open that report the Income Journal with the same filters entered here
  • allows you to download the data either as a CSV (spreadsheet) or PDF (document)
  • In the Insurance Payments report, there's an addtional button which also allows you to either view in income journal (same filters used), or enter an EOB

Dashboard Sections

The overall lower dashboard sections are as follows:

On the left ←

Problem ERAs

  • Any ERAs that have been received back with problems will be listed

Claim Actions

  • Anything "ready to go" with claims like submitting or printing.
  • Includes aging claims (more info click here)

Claims Pipeline

  • View submitted claims and rejected claims (attention needed)

Clearinghouse Updates

  • Any updates we've received electronically from our claims processor about your claims

On the right →

Balances & Credits Due

  • Any accounts with balances as well as credits due (note: these can be client and insurance balances/credits)

Insurance Policy Problems

  • Anything related to upcoming potential issues with Insurances, such as expiring policies, pre-cert expiration, visit limits, missing benefit confirmations, or policies requiring review


  • Shows an audit of statements that have been generated in the past 30 days, article here