Client Billing Statements

There are several types of statements that can be generated for clients. If you are in a group practice, statements can be produced for a particular therapist or produced for the practice as a whole. 

Statements can also be produced for a single client, or produced as a batch for all clients with outstanding balances. 

Additionally, if you have elected in your patient portal settings to allow clients to view account balances, they will, by default, be able to view every session charge and payment made on their account

Batch Statements

Required Role

  • Therapist with Financial Access
  • Biller
  • Manager
  • or Owner

To create Batch Statements for the practice or a particular provider in your group practice, click on the Billing & Insurance (left menu), then click on the [Create Statements] button.

Select All therapists if you wish to create a practice-wide statements batch, or select a particular provider (or a few) you wish to create statements for. 

Next, select the type of conditions you wish to produce your statements by (either clients with a client responsibility, all clients with non-zero balance, or all clients seen regardless within a date range)

Make additional selections on the page about how you wish to deliver statements, and if you will have a custom message printed at the bottom of the statement. You can also opt to include or exclude a return page. 

The next screen will provide you with an aging report of the clients included in the client criteria from the first page.

You may de-select any client(s) that you do not wish to include in the batch, or mass select all/none with the top left checkmark. You may add a custom message on the statement for a particular client on this page as well.

Any clients checked with the ‘ e-Delivery’ option will have the statement available in their patient portal immediately after you finish generating this batch of statements.

You will then see a preview of all the statements set to be generated (review them to ensure you haven't missed a client).

Make a mistake? Want to make a change?

If you decide you want to change a statement setting, or add/remove a client from the list of statements to generate, click the top center [ Back] button to go back a step in the process.

After clicking [ Send Statements🡪], you will receive confirmation that the electronic delivery of the statements was completed. You can now download a PDF version of the entire batch of statements, or print the paper statements as well.

Review Previously Generated Statements Batches

You can review recent statement batches and re-print or download the pdf by going to Billing & Insurance (left menu), and selecting ‘Statements’ at the bottom right to open up the list.

You should now see a list of statements you’ve produced in the past 30 days.

Want to search a different date range or just for a particular therapist?

Edit the filters  Statement Date or Therapists by clicking on them, then click [Search] when finished to refresh the list with your updated filters.

To Print a statement for a single patient, use the following method:

Go to the client’s Profile ( All / My Clients > click on their name) and then select the Billing tab at the top.

Click on the [ +Create Statement] button near the top (above the Balance)

Proceed by following the directions on the screen for the type of statement you wish to produce.

You Have Options!

When creating a single statement for a client, you can choose between statements, superbills, and flex spending statements:

Viewing a Sent Statement on the Client's Billing Screen

Whenever a client has had a statement produced on their account, the statement is listed on their Billing Screen. If you wish to delete the statement, clicking on the ‘ trach can’ icon to the right. It will delete the statement from the patient’s account and they will no longer be able to view it in the patient portal.

Clicking on the statement in the billing screen will open up a PDF copy of the statement that was provided to the client in a new browser window.

Want to download or save the statement to your local computer or print it?

Most browsers provide handy built-in PDF controls directly in the browser at the top right corner! From there you can download/save it as a PDF, or print it with the icons shown below (screenshot from Google Chrome):