Start Charting

Are there uncharted notes that exist for a client? Or perhaps a CPT code needs updating or adding?

TherapyAppointment 2.0 offers two access points to chart clients. This article looks to capture the main areas to locate and adjust Charting information for a client.

Access Point 1: My Schedule

  • Click My Schedule from the left-hand menu
  • Select the appointment desired
  • Select the button

Access Point 2: Today

  • Click Today from the left-hand menu
  • Select the appointment desired
  • Select the button


From here, you can chart on the client with either our default built templates (HIPAA and SOAP Notes), or your own chart note templates:

Note: We support the ability to change the CPT code cost directly from charting, highlighted below! You can manually change the amount if different from the default CPT code cost you normally charge.

From here you can define the specifics, including Chart Entry Style, CPT Codes and Service Modifiers, along with some other appointment basics like start/end time, and the actual note itself below:

The Notes section supports rich text format, like bold, italics, and underline alongside bullet points and numbered lists.

You can even include a treatment plan as a part of the chart note by toggling it from No to Yes

From there, click [ Continue] at the bottom, review your chart note for any issues or errors as well as any automatic charges (more info here: automatic payments when charting). 

  • Clicking Finalize and Lock to permanently lock the chart note
  • Click Save Draft (Finish Later) if you wish to return to this chart note to edit and lock later, but not yet
  • Click Continue Editing to be brought back to the chart note draft

Note: Make a mistake or need to add something additionally to the chart note after permanently locking it? Please check out these other options after locking a chart note: