Automatic Payment in Charting

Want to cut down on the process of individually having to accept payments and charting with your clients?

This option allows you to combine accepting a payment and locking your chart notes for an appointment all in one step, saving you time!

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Video: Please click here for a brief video breakdown of this process.
  • Have enabled integrated credit card processing.  
  • Have at least one Credit/Debit/HSA card to be on file and set as the default card for the client.  
  • If you are a therapist in a group practice, it also requires that the group owner or manager has enabled your account to accept patient payments.

Enable Automatic Payment in Charting

To enable this feature, you must first be a practice owner or manager:

  • Go to Practice Settings
  • Then select the tab 'Billing & Insurance'
  • Find the section labeled 'Payment Processing'
  • For the option "Automatic Payment in Charting" select Enable to the right:

Charting and Accepting a Payment

The following are requirements for automatic payments:

  • The client must have a saved card on file
  • You must have a CPT code that has a cost on it $
  • If they have insurance, it's recommended to have the co-pay amount entered properly under their insurance settings

After you finish your chart note for the client, click [ Continue]. You'll then be brought to this screen with the payment option automatically checked off:

Payment Information:

Here's the logic of how Automatic Payment works in the system when locking a chart note:

  • By default, a client will be charged the total cost of the CPT code selected (ie: $200 in the above example)
  • If the provider changes the CPT Code cost while charting to a different amount (ie: from $200 to $190 while charting shown below):
    It will adjust the amount collected shown below:
  • If a client has insurance & a Co-pay amount entered, the system will default to that amount.
    Example: Under Client Profile > Primary Insurance > Benefits Confirmation ($20 in example below):
  • If a client has Private Pay enabled, the system will automatically default to that amount (over a co-pay or total cost):
  • If you wish to charge an amount OTHER than what's listed, you would need to accept the payment outside this screen, or make adjustments in the various areas discussed above, as the payment amount entered on the finalize screen is read-only.

    Simply uncheck the payment box and take the payment after locking the chart note, or save a draft - make the changes - and return to lock.

After clicking , two things will happen:

  1. The chart note will be permanently locked
  2. The amount listed will be charged to the client's card on file. You can review the payment via the client's Billing tab on their profile, or in the overall payments history for the group under the Billing & Insurance > Find > Patient Payments & Refunds portion of the billing dashboard

For more information about all things receipts, check out this article: Receipts: Client Payments

Disable Automatic Payment in Charting

Tried the option and it's not for you or your group? Want more control over your billing and payments? To disable this feature, you must first be a practice owner or manager:

  • Go to Practice Settings
  • Then select the tab 'Billing & Insurance'
  • Find the section labeled 'Payment Processing'
  • For the option "Automatic Payment in Charting" select Disable to the right: