Practice Settings

⚠️ Required Role: To access Practice Settings, the user must have a role of Owner or Manager.

To access, click Practice Settings (left menu, near the bottom of the list):

This area allows an owner or manager to define practice-wide settings:

Practice Settings Tabs

For a breakdown of each of the above practice setting tabs:

home General

This is where we keep the general overview group settings:

Group Settings

  • Edit things like Group Name, Type 2 NPI, Taxonomy Code and Group Tax ID / EIN

Service Location & Billing Address

  • Here we list only your primary office / service location and details, click to edit

verified_user Security Settings

Here you can configure various optional security related settings for the group:

To edit click (top right) and re-enter your password. The button will then turn to

privacy_tip Security Options

timer Automatically sign users out
security_update_good Require Two-Factor Authentication
computer Simultaneous Login Limit
  • Limit how many devices / browsers a single user can be logged in with at the same time
  • Logging in with more than the limit will result in the oldest sign in to be logged out
sms Login Banner
  • A paragraph field type that you can enter
  • This message will be displayed to both staff and clients after signing in, before the dashboard:

  • Automatically inactivate staff and / or clients after 90 days of inactivity
    • Staff can't sign in after being locked out? Click here
    • Clients locked out? Unlock them from their client profile via the right hand menu

Single Sign On (SSO)

You can use your own OpenID Conect provider for staff to sign in to TherapyAppointment.

local_atm Note: The cost for SSO is $5 per month per subscriber.
  • To do so, check off the box:

  • Review the prompt:

  • Click
  • Follow the instructions from top to bottom (screenshot below) to configure
  • Click when done

info Don't know what these values are?

Have questions? Please consult your SSO provider for instructions on this, TherapyAppointment staff cannot directly assist with this.

Practice Logo

  • Upload both a Banner & Icon image for your practice (article: Practice Logos)

Practice Announcements

Other Settings

apartment Office Locations

This is where you can come to add, edit, or close office locations:

  • Service locations
  • Billing addresses
  • and Statement addresses (optional)

home Click the name of an office location to edit various settings including:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Whether or not it's a service location, primary office and billing address
  • Schedule color
  • Default POS code
  • Service Facility NPI
  • Taxonomy Code

To create a new location, at the top right of any respective section click

To close a location:

  • home Click the name of an office location
  • Scroll to the bottom and click (bottom left)
  • You have the option to move future appointments and availability to another office (or cancel):

groups Staff

Here you can view, add, or edit the settings of any staff member or provider in the group here:

Click a staff member's name to edit their roles or any other setting they can edit in their My Profile area.

local_atm Billing & Insurance

Here you can set CPT codes, claims & insurance settings, and manage payment processing settings.

CPT Codes

Here you can edit the CPT codes used by clicking Set Up to the right:

  • Standard: Used for standard billing, may be used with claims
    • Add-on: Codes to add on to other CPT codes
  • Custom: Not used on claims, Superbills, or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) statements
  • System: Normal fees of no shows and late cancels

Article: Manage CPT codes

Insurance Features

If your practice accepts insurance, here is where you can enable that or manage insurance company details.

Claim Features

If your practice submits claims, here you can configure your optional Office Ally account and aging claim threshold.

  • Article: Access Claim features (Electronic Claims Processing, Aging Claim Threshold)

Payment Processing

Here you can set up your integrated payment processing options, automatic payments, and optionally external credit card processing.


description Chart Templates

Create or edit your practice's own custom chart note templates, managed on a per-therapist level.

Charts can also be shared with the group.

description Online Forms

Here you can view all practice wide forms

  • To create a new form, click
  • start from scratch, from one of your existing forms, or from one of our prebuilt templates.
  • Click on a form name to edit or preview


manage_accounts Client Demographics

Here you can view, edit, enable or disable custom client demographics used on both the client profile as well as with a custom report.

Set your own, or use the prebuilt list of our commonly requested "advanced" demographics: