Fax Referral Source

Although TherapyAppointment is not intended to replace your existing faxing solution, our Fax Referral Source can be utilized in several instances involving external provider communication and coordinating/updating care with your clients.

shield_lock Required Roles:

Owner, Manager, Provider, or Records Custodian

Fax a Referral Source

To use this handy tool, from the client profile screen, select:

  • Records (top tab):

  • Navigate to the section Fax Referral Source
  • Click the blue button:

⚠️ Note: There may be a drop-down option for the Fax Referral Source if more than one provider sees this client.

  • The top To field pulls from your list of Practice Contacts
    • The fax number can also be changed manually while sending the fax
  • If you need to edit this first, use the Practice Contacts (left menu) to add your contact, or ask your owner or manager to add one for you
  • More information about that feature can be found here: Practice Contacts

The system conveniently pre-fills message details about the client with information pulled from client session notes and records (Client information, Dx, if a treatment plan exists, and if a follow-up appointment has been scheduled). 

Edits can easily be made to the note. Determine whether this interaction is to be documented in the client record and/or entered into the PHI log.

Review the created fax cover page, then Send Fax.

⚠️ Note: We do NOT recommend sending chart notes this way, as it is not intended to replace your existing faxing solution. A simplified overview of the client's status, or any other relevant notations is the intended use of this feature.

Additional Options

Additional options for faxing include:

  • Creating a Quick Note entry for the fax (optional)
  • PHI release log details indicating who you released the information to, what was released, and the purpose of release (required)

Once complete, click (bottom right) to send the fax.