Fax Referral Source

Although TherapyAppointment is not intended to replace your existing faxing solution, our Fax Referral Source can be utilized in several instances involving external provider communication, connected to your clients.

To use this handy tool, within the client profile screen, select the Records top tab. Navigate to ‘Fax Referral Source.' There may be a drop-down option for the Fax Referral Source, if more than one provider sees the particular client.

The top 'To' field pulls from your list of Practice Contacts. If you need to edit this first, use the Practice Contacts on the left-hand menu to add your contact, or ask your owner or manager to add one for you. More information about that feature here: Practice Contacts

The system conveniently prefills message details about the client with information pulled from client session notes and records (Client information, Dx, if a treatment plan exists, and if a follow-up appointment has been scheduled). Edits can easily be made to the note. Determine whether this interaction is to be documented in the client record and/or entered into the PHI log. Review the created fax cover page, then Send Fax.

We do NOT recommend sending chart notes this way, as it is not intended to replace your existing faxing solution. A simplified overview of the client's status, or any other relevant notations is the intended use of this feature.

Additional Options

Additional options for faxing include:

  • Creating a Quick Note entry for the fax
  • PHI release log (required) indicating who you released the information to, what was released, and the purpose of release.

Once complete, click [send] to send the fax.

A confirmation (or warning of non-completion) will be sent to your email address on file.