Creating an Account with Office Ally: TA Electronic Claims Submission

Setting up the Office Ally clearinghouse account for your practice makes submitting electronic claims an intuitive process, allowing for a quicker turn-around time than paper submissions. These 9 steps take you through the process.

STEP 1: Go to Office Ally's Website and click 'Enroll Today'.
**NOTE: If you already have an Office Ally Account, Click Here For Connection Instructions

Step 2: Complete the online enrollment form. *Using the images included in this tutorial as your guide, notice any red highlights for additional clarity.

Step 3: After checking the last box, make sure to include TA's website information and check TherapyAppointment as the Office Ally representative. Check 'Referral' as well.

Step 4: Include Provider/Group information within each section. The 'Add Another' button offers space for additional group NPI/Tax ID numbers. *Typically this is not necessary for most groups, as they will have only one group NPI/Tax ID.

Step 5: Select 'No' when asked if you are a OneHealth Port user. To receive new account information quickly,After clicking Submit, fill out and fax the Authorization Sheet that will appear.

STEP 6: Complete the attached authorization sheet and fax to 360-314-2184. For questions contact Office Ally at (360) 975-7000, opt.3.

STEP 7: Complete Office Ally's Customer Authorization Recurring Auto Payment Form and fax to: 360-953-8427. Allow Office Ally 3 business days to create your account, then send the connection information to TherapyAppointment.

Last Step... Take advantage of our FREE EOB Auto-Posting! TherapyAppointment can receive most insurance company Explanation of Benefits reports as an 835 File and automatically update your patient and income accounting accordingly. You can set up this feature at any time by going to / Resource Center / Payer ERA Enrollment Forms and clicking on the insurance company name, then following the directions on the form.


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