Creating an Account with Office Ally: TA Electronic Claims Submission

Please follow these steps which will take you through the process of setting up an Office Ally clearinghouse account for your practice.

This will make submitting electronic claims an intuitive process and allowing for a quicker claim submission turnaround time!

Create your account with Office Ally

  • First, click here for Office Ally's website and click (top right or left side)
⚠️ Note: If you already have an Office Ally Account, please follow these steps to connect: Connecting an Office Ally account to TherapyAppointment
  • On the next page, select the far left option Service Center and click shown below:

  • Enter your email address and create your account
  • Then check your email and click the link sent to complete setting up your account with Office Ally.

When completing this registration process, you'll come across these steps near the end:

  • Below, pick Create claims using my current system:

  • Then at the search, type therapyappointment (no spaces)
  • Find "" → click Select to the right:

  • For claim types, check off Professional Claims (CMS-1500)

  • You should then see this message, indicating they'll be sending your SFTP connection information to you automatically via email.

  • Complete any other steps, like signing any paperwork or last steps to finish fully signing in.

⚠️ Note: Please allow Office Ally 3 business days to create your SFTP account, the one you use to integrate claims processing with us.

Once created and sent to you in 2 emails from Office Ally, follow these steps: Connecting an Office Ally account to TherapyAppointment

⚠️ Note: Once connected, send an email to and ask for the Office Ally 15 cent / claim discount paperwork. Our team will send it to you for e-signing and request that Office Ally give you this discounted pricing on claims.

Last Step: Take advantage of our FREE EOB Auto-Posting! 

TherapyAppointment can receive most insurance company Explanation of Benefits reports as an 835 File and automatically update your client and income accounting accordingly

You can set up this feature at any time by going to / Resource Center / Payer ERA Enrollment Forms and click on the insurance company name, then following the directions on the form.