Practice Announcements

🥳 Want to make an announcement like this visible to your clients on your client portal? 
Read on to find out how!

Client portal announcements are a way to communicate to all of your clients that sign into their client portal account.

Once a client signs in, at the top of the dashboard your practice announcement will show for all clients to see!

Want to make an announcement about an upcoming closing? Something frequently clarified? You can do so with this.

In this Article:

Configure Practice Announcement

⚠️ Note: To set a Practice Announcement, the role of Owner or Manager is required.

To configure, navigate to:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Find the section titled "Practice Announcement" a few sections down
  • Click 

  • From here, you can adjust the following settings:

👁️ Visible ?

Determines whether or not your announcement is displayed in the client portal (yes or no)

🌈 Color

Determines the background color of your client announcements (blue, green, yellow, or red)

🗒️ Message

Will be the message displayed to clients, maximum 500 characters (also supports emojis! 😁)

Once set, you'd see a preview of the practice announcement:

Practice Announcement: View from Client Portal

This is an example of what your client portal announcement will look like from the client's end once they are signed in.

It will appear on their top dashboard:

Disable Practice Announcement

  • To turn off your practice announcement, navigate back to Practice Settings
  • Find the section Practice Announcements, then click 
  • Change Visible: to No, then click  at the top right of the section