Records Custodian Role

Note: To grant Records Custodian access, you must be the Owner of the group.

Managers cannot enable this role.

Granting the Health Information Custodian(HIC)/Records Custodian role allows users to gain access to PHI across the practice for the selected provider(s), meaning the user of this role can read the records of the designated provider(s), as well as uploaded documents and completed forms by the client (both clinical and non-clinical).

To enable the Records Custodian role, first read our article on Adding and Managing Staff Roles.

Enabling Custodian Access

Enabling the Records Custodian role is a two-step process. HIC is a granular role, selecting the providers needed is the last step in accessing electronic PHI details.

  • Click Practice Settings (from the left-hand menu) > Staff > Their Name
  • Navigate to the 'Roles' section, locate Records Custodian and enable it first
  • Then click Manage Custodianships and add the ('All Practice Therapists', or a particular provider) that the particular staff member needs access to
  • Click Add Custodianship(s), check the box(s) necessary
  • Click Save, approving the request

Viewing Records For Clients

Once enabled, you would view records as you normally would as a provider does with clients.

  • Go to Clients > Their Name > and click on the 'Records' tab to view the client's records for the provider you have enabled custodian access to, in addition to any other providers that you have access to.

You will also notice on your list of Clients a new tag "My Custodian Records" near the top: you can switch to this to see a list of clients that you have access to under the respective enabled therapist(s):