Records Custodian Role

⚠️ Note: Only the Owner of the group can enable this role. Manager roles cannot enable this.

The records custodian role grants the user access to sensitive protected clinical information:

  • Chart / session notes: can be viewed or printed
  • Forms marked clinical (as well as non-clinical)

This user can read and print the session notes and documents of the patients that are treated by any provider enabled.

The records custodian role can be enabled for any provider or staff member in your practice. It's also possible to add a member to your group whose access is limited to ONLY be a records custodian.

The most common use cases for a records custodian are as follows: 

  • A staff member responsible for auditing records of the therapists in the group. 
  • A staff member you entrust to release records when a records request is made. 
⚠️ Note: More about Roles in general can be found here: Adding and Managing Staff Roles.

In this Article:

Enabling Custodian Access

Enabling the Records Custodian role is a two-step process:

1. Enable the role

  • From the Owner's account: Click Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Click Staff (top tab)
  • Click the staff member's name
  • Navigate to the 'Roles' section, locate Records Custodian and enable the role.

2. Manage the specifics

Which providers will they have access to?

  • From the same screen, click Manage Custodianships and add the provider that the particular staff member needs access to (can be one, some, or all providers)
  • Click Add Custodianship(s), then check the box(s) necessary
    • Here you can define who they have access to
    • That can be 1 provider, a few, or all providers
    • You can also set an "expiration date" for record custodianship
  • When done, click Save, approving the request
  • Once saved, at anytime you can view or modify the access by clicking Manage Custodianship again like with the above steps:

Viewing Records For Clients

Once enabled, the Records Custodian will have access to view records: 

  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click the client name
  • Click the top tab 'Records' 

From here, you can view the client's records for the provider(s) you have enabled custodian access to.

⚠️ Note: For comparison, this is the same process any provider would take to access records.

Staff members who have the Records Custodian Role will now notice their list of Clients has a new tag: My Custodian Records near the top, and can switch to this to list to view the clients that they have access to (dependent on which providers were enabled):