Client Portal: Overview

TherapyAppointment has made the client/patient portal user-friendly, so that clients have quick access to pertinent information.

Once in the Client Portal, the Dashboard offers clients quick access to view important tasks, such as: Account Setup, Appointments, Assigned Documents, Account Balance, and the ability to manage Insurance Information within the Account.

Within the Article:

Tasks On The Dashboard

Above is a client portal dashboard once signed in for the first time.

From the dashboard you'll notice the following:

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Two-Factor Authentication keeps the client account more secure.
  • Although not a requirement to set up, TherapyAppointment strongly encourages enacting this additional protection. The client is notified via email when logging in from an unrecognized device
  • Once enabled, the client will be prompted to enter the two factor code when signing in from an unrecognized device

Note: Clients can change this either from the dashboard, or under their My Profile area

View Client Documents

Clients will be shown this when they have either documents assigned to them:

Note: Clients are shown on the left hand menu the number of uncompleted documents, highlighted below:

Clicking on My Docs & Forms takes them to the page of their available forms:

Provide Insurance Information 

Clients can click within the 'Account Set Up' section to manage health insurance details.

  • ‘No Insurance’ indicates self-pay
  • Select ‘I Have Insurance’ to include health insurance information
    • Complete the line items within, then Save

Note: want to collect this information during client registration (clients created either self-registered or by staff)? Please check this article out: Client registration process

Schedule & View Appointments

Upcoming scheduled appointments are easily viewed from the dashboard in the bottom section.

If the provider has offered self-scheduling access, creating an appointment is easily available within the client portal.

  • Clients self-schedule by clicking the top right button Schedule New Appointment
  • The system will then show clients available dates & times based on provider availability, similar to below:

Note: Having an issue with clients not being able to schedule?

Please first check our most common causes to this, article here: Client Self-Scheduling - Common Issues

Your Responsibility / Balance

The client account balance appears within the Balance section.To view additional Account History and Payments made, click the left menu $ My Account option

Making a Payment

Note: To make a client payment online, the Provider must first integrate their card processor details (under Practice Settings : Billing & Insurance : Payment Processing)

  • From the portal Dashboard, select to


  • Click My Account from the left-hand menu
  • Select 

⚙️ My Profile
  • The profile allows clients to update and edit most demographics and settings for their account.
  • Namely, they can edit:
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Reminder Settings
    • Contacts
    • Credit Cards on File
    • As well as: View/Change Username, Password Reset, View Login History, View/Download Terms of Service, and Ask a Question to a scheduler/biller staff member, or one of their providers.
  • This is similar to the client Profile view from the staff side, example client profile shown below:

🗓️ My Appointments
  • This section shows all upcoming appointments for a client.
  • They can also confirm and cancel appointments based on the provider's allowed settings, configurable in a provider's My Profile area.
  • They can also self schedule an appointment either from here or the Dashboard
✉️ My Messages

This shows a list of messages that clients can view and reply to from any staff members

Clients can send a message to their provider.

Note: Need to reach out to a billing or scheduler designated by their settings?
This article covers that process: Ask a Scheduler or Biller

💵 My Account

This allows clients to perform the following:

  • View and print receipts for payments made
  • View and print (or save) Superbills, Flex Spending Statements, as well as regular Statements
  • Make a payment

(this view is similar to their Billing tab in their profile, without the ability to edit):

📄 My Docs & Forms

This allows clients to complete any assigned:

💳 My Insurance

This allows clients to input their insurance information, or specify they are a private pay client without any insurance.