Client Portal: Overview

Once in the Client Portal, the Dashboard offers clients a quick overview of their account.

The left menu also provides clients a link to other important areas in their account.

Within this Article:

From the Dashboard:

task_alt Tasks (on the Dashboard)
mobile_friendly Two-Factor Authentication
event_available Schedule & View Appointments
local_atm Your Responsibility & Balance
local_atm Making a Payment

Left Menu Options:

co_present My Profile
mail My Messages
local_atm My Account
local_atm Make Payment
description My Docs & Forms
credit_card My Insurance

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task_alt Tasks on the Dashboard

Above is a client portal dashboard once signed in for the first time.

From the dashboard you'll notice the following explained in depth below and includes: 2-factor authentication, view/edit profile, insurance information, view/create appointments, view billing details, make payments, view/fill out assigned documents or forms, etc.

mobile_friendly Two-Factor Authentication

  • Two-Factor Authentication keeps the client account more secure.
  • Although not a requirement to set up, TherapyAppointment strongly encourages enacting this additional protection. The client is notified via email when logging in from an unrecognized device
  • Once enabled, the client will be prompted to enter the two factor code when signing in from an unrecognized device
⚠️ Note: Clients can change this either from the dashboard, or under their My Profile area

event_available Schedule & View Appointments

  • Upcoming scheduled appointments up to a year out are displayed on the dashboard
  • They can also confirm and cancel appointments based on the provider's allowed settings
  • Here we denote if the appointment is telehealth, or in person
  • In person appointments also include the address, as well as a handy link to Google or Apple maps:

At the top right of the dashboard, clients can opt to either:

  • Schedule New Appointment
  • Print [upcoming] Appointment List

Scheduling an appointment will bring the client to our scheduling page. Click on the top 3 elements (who, what, where) and the system will automatically show slots based on availability.

⚠️ Note: Having an issue with clients not being able to schedule? Please first check our most common causes to this, article here: Client Self-Scheduling - Common Issues

local_atm Your Responsibility / Balance

The client account balance appears within the Balance section on the client's right hand menu of the Dashboard:

  • Here, clients can opt to either make a payment, or view their account (billing) details.
  • Alternatively, they can also use the left menu option $My Account

local_atm Making a Payment

⚠️ Note: To make a client payment online, an owner or manager must integrate payment card processor details (under Practice Settings Billing & Insurance Payment Processing)
  • From the portal Dashboard, click the green button  (shown above)
  • If needed you can adjust the payment amount (we default to the total) then enter your card details or use a saved card on file to make a payment, it's that easy!

Alternatively, you can click $ Make Payment (left menu)

settings My Profile

  • The profile allows clients to update and edit most demographics and settings for their account.
  • Clients may edit:
    • Photo ID
    • Phone Numbers & Emails
    • Reminder Settings
    • Contacts (including responsible party)
    • Credit Cards on File
    • As well as the right menu (shown below as well) 
      • View / Change Username
      • Password Reset
      • View Login History
      • View/Download Terms of Service
      • Ask a Question to a scheduler or biller staff member, or one of their providers
  • This is similar to the client Profile view from the staff side, example client profile shown below:

⚠️ Note: Clients do not have the ability to edit "top" demographics like date of birth, gender, marital status, or employment. Those can be edited on the staff side.

Clients also do not have access to view or edit Customizable Client Demographics, those are only visible and editable by staff.

mail My Messages

This is our free, HIPAA compliant messaging. No need to pay for another compliant email solution, we have you covered!

  • This shows a list of messages that clients can view and reply to from any staff members.
  • Clients can send a message to their provider here
  • We also support message attachments up to 10Mb

Article: Sending Messages

Note: Need to reach out to a billing or scheduler designated by their settings?
This article covers that process: Ask a Scheduler or Biller

local_atm My Account

This allows clients to perform the following:

  • View and print receipts for payments made - just click on the Client Payment line (example below)
  • View and print (or save) Superbills, Flex Spending Statements, as well as standard Statements
  • Make a payment

This view is similar to their Billing tab in their profile from the staff side, without the ability to edit:

Billing Screen:

Payment Receipt:

local_atm Make Payment

This allows clients to make a payment on their account.

We default to the entire owed amount, but they can specify the amount paid, and opt to either enter a new card on file or use a card already saved on file on their profile.

description My Docs & Forms

This allows clients to complete any assigned:

Just click the form to either load the form to complete, or view the already submitted form response.

credit_card My Insurance

This allows clients to input or review their insurance information.

If no details have been entered, they should see these options:

  • No Insurance: indicates self or private pay
  • I Have Insurance: allows you to input your health insurance information. Note that this is available to staff for review in the client profile under the Primary Insurance section
    • Complete the required insurance items within, then click  button at the bottom

⚠️  Note: want to collect this information during client registration (clients created either self-registered or by staff)? Please check this article out: Client registration process

Already have insurance entered?

Within My Insurance (left menu) clients can re-enter their insurance details.

Click the button   :

From here, clients can input their new insurance information: