Client Profile: Billing

When viewing the client profile, select the Billing top tab for access to your clients billing account history, adjustment options, and statement history. This location is also where you can take a payment, enter a manual refund and enter an EOB.

Account History

This area provides access to creating client 'Charges' and 'Payments & Adjustments'. The 'Balance' owed/due will automatically adjust based upon amount entered.

When viewing past payments within 'Account History', take note of specific columns that define charges, insurance adjustments, etc.

Add Adjustment

When handling a client payment adjustment, within the client profile Account History view, click on the button and be taken to the Account Adjustment view. Here is where you are able to select Balance Forward, Credit, or Charge adjustments.

Create Statement

Generating a client statement here offers options that include Client Statement, Superbill Statement, and Flexible Spending Statement. The Therapist can include other options, such as including balance forward details and more before they finalize and Generate Statement.