Client Profile: Billing

When viewing the client profile, select the Billing top tab for access to your clients billing account history, adjustment options, and statement history.

This location is also where you can take a payment, enter a manual refund and enter an EOB.

In this Article:

Access Client Billing Tab

To access the client billing tab, you'd go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client in question
  • Click on Billing (top tab):

  • This will take you to the Billing screen (overview shown below):

Account History (Overview)

This area provides access to creating client 'Charges' and 'Payments & Adjustments'. The 'Balance' owed/due will automatically adjust based upon payments and services entered.

Below Account History we list all of the following for this client:

  • Dates of Service
  • Client Payments
  • Client Statements, Superbills, and Flex Spending Statements
  • Adjustments, credits, and misc charges
  • Insurance reimbursements (EOBs and ERAs)

Add Adjustment

When handling a client payment adjustment, within the client profile Account History view, click on the button:

Here in the Account Adjustment view is where you are able to select from the following:

  • Balance Forward (they owe)
  • Credit (you owe)
  • or Charge (they owe, could be used for products or misc. services/fees)

Create Statement, Superbill, Flexible Statement

Generating a client statement here offers options that include

  • Client Statement
  • Superbill
  • and Flexible Spending Statement

You can include other options as well, we walk you through each step in the process from top to bottom.

At the top click the button and follow the steps and options:

Statement not open when you click on it? Review our article: Allow pop ups for just our website

Add Billing Note

Similar to adding an adjustment or creating a statement, on the top menu click the button.

Billing Notes are only visible to staff with access to the Billing tab of the client profile.

Once a billing note is added, it will appear above the billing history and below the account history:

Is there more than one billing note entered?

  • When there is more than one billing note, we only show the newest one.
  • To access the remaining billing notes, beneath click Show All Comments:

Note: Billing notes can only be deleted by the person that originally created the billing note.
Owners & managers can delete any billing note.