Client Profile: Insurance

Access to client insurance claims and insurance settings are viewable once the Insurance option has been selected from the top tab, within the client profile.


Open insurance claims are accessible from this section. Clicking offers the option to gain access to related details associated to client-specific claims. Insurance claim settings are also viewable within the Claims section.


Client-specific insurance information, including Primary and Secondary details, can be viewed and updated here. Information visible includes 'Payer ID', 'Company', 'Policy ID', 'Copay', and more.

Insurance Benefits

Determining client benefit details can provide much needed clarity when submitting a claim. Entering Insurance Benefit Information is quickly accessed by clicking on . Insurance details available for editing and confirmation include defining deductible amounts, fees, benefit verification and more.

Insurance Pre-Auth/Cert

Insurance Pre-Authorization and Certification details are accessed by clicking on . Information lines include 'Number of Visits', 'Pre-Auth Cert/ Date', 'Authorization Number', and more.

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