Client Profile: Insurance

Access to client insurance claims and insurance settings are viewable in two areas of the system:

  • The client profile, under the Primary Insurance section (near the bottom)
  • The client profile, clicking the Insurance tab on top

In this Article:

Client Profile

To view either primary or secondary insurance on file, locate the client profile by going to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the clients name, bringing you to their profile
  • Scroll down and find the Primary Insurance section highlighted below:

⚠️ Note: Below Primary Insurance you will see Secondary Insurance as well as our Insurance eligibility checks feature.

If a client does not have insurance, click :

Client Insurance Options:

To make changes to the policy, click the edit button edit_square (top right) of the Policy or Insured section:

Most will not need this but to make changes to the insurance company itself (practice settings) click the gear button settings :

  • To view any notes (policy or benefits) click the magnifying glass icon manage_search
  • To add an insurance card, click
  • To add a Benefits Confirmation (copay, deductible, etc), click
  • To add a Pre-Authorization (CPT codes available, visits used vs. allowed), click
  • To delete any section if possible, click the trashcan button: delete
  • To edit automatic claim creation settings (per provider), click (top right)

Insurance Tab (Client Profile)

Within the client Profile there is a tab dedicated to insurance, shown below:

Open Insurance Claims

Open insurance claims are accessible from this section. Clicking offers the option to gain access to related details associated to client-specific claims.

Insurance claim settings are also viewable within the Claims section.

Insurance Claim Settings

Here you can edit Private Pay as well as Automatic Claim Creation:

Insurance: Primary & Secondary

Client-specific insurance information, including Primary and Secondary details, can be viewed and updated here.

Primary Insurance

Information visible for Primary Insurance can be found below:

Secondary Insurance

Here you can add or edit Secondary Insurance for the client: