Data Import Feature

The ability to import client data is a brand new feature, offering 'Simple' and 'Advanced' template options!

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Within the Article:

Simple Client Data Import
Advanced Client Data Import
Troubleshooting Data Import
Group Practices

This new feature is located within My Profile > Permissions and Roles > Import Client Data section. Determine the preferred option, then upload our easy to complete template to get started.

Simple Client Data Import 

*Select this option if your practice does not take insurance. 

The simple data import allows the user to download a template/example .xls file that included patient demographic information. Follow Step 1, first downloading the template and additional instructions. Plug information into the fields, then follow Step 2.

Advanced Client Data Import 

*Select this option if including insurance data. 

Before beginning the data import, ensure all the insurance companies that are going to be billed are set up within your TherapyAppointment 2.0 Insurance Library. Read more on that process here.

The advanced data import option allows the user to download a template/sample .xls (Excel) file, with a column included for the client's insurance information. Within the 'Insurance Companies' column, a drop-down list of Accepted Insurance Companies is offered. Step 1, first download the template with additional instructions. Plug information into the fields, then follow Step 2.

Troubleshooting Data Import

If receiving an error when trying to upload the completed excel file for client data, such as the message 'your file contained invalid data', open the updated excel file the system will send and fix all cell areas highlighted in red.

Importing Zip Codes beginning with a 0

For the zip/postal code for either (simple or advanced) data import, enter a ` to precede the 0 in the zip code, so for example zip code 01234 should be input as `01234

What symbol again?

The ` key (typically above your tab key at the top left of your keyboard, to the left of the number 1) may also show the symbol ~ on it as well, the tilde.

Group Practices

There are some special considerations for uploading your data into TherapyAppointment 2.0, if you are a practice of two or more providers. Assess how the clients will be accessed:

1.  The group typically uses a ‘team treatment model’, where more than one provider treats or documents on a client.

  • Create a triage account. Next, upload all of the clients to this triage account. When completed, go to each client’s ‘records’ tab and ‘share’ with providers who will be treating the client.

2.  A 'team treatment model' is not typically used: clients are treated by only one provider, the individual provider ‘owns’ the records of the client.

  • Ensure the client data being imported is divided out by provider (i.e. only provider Jane Doe’s clients). Follow the above data import steps, select the Therapist and complete the import process.

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