Data Import From another EHR

The ability to import client data, offering both 'Simple' and 'Advanced' template options!

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Client Data Import

If you are a provider or owner importing clients assigned to yourself, this feature is located on the left menu item My Profile > Client Data Import section 

⚠️ Note: As a Manager / Owner importing clients for a particular provider in your practice, to perform the same steps go to:

Practice Settings > Staff > Click the Provider's Name > Client Data Import

Determine the preferred option (simple or advanced), then download the appropriate template to get started.

Simple Client Data Import 

⚠️ Note: Select this option if your practice does not take insurance. 

The simple data import allows the user to download our template .xlsx (Excel) file that includes basic patient demographic information. Follow Step 1, first downloading the template. Plug your information into the fields, then follow Step 2.

Once you've downloaded your Simple import, you'll notice the following columns:

  • First name *
  • Last name *
  • Date of Birth
  • Address Line 1, 2, and 3
  • City
  • State (dropdown, pick)
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Gender (dropdown, pick - you can further customize once uploaded)
  • Email

* = required

⚠️ Note: if you include any portion of the address (address lines, city, state, or zip), you must have the remaining ones as well, none of them can be blank if one is entered

Advanced Client Data Import 

⚠️ Note: Select this option if including insurance data! 

Before beginning the data import, ensure all the insurance companies that are going to be billed are already set up in your TherapyAppointment Insurance Library. Read more on that process here.

The advanced data import option allows the user to download our template .xls (Excel) file, with columns included for the client's demographic & insurance information.

The column named ' Insurance Companies' will contain a drop-down list of the Insurance Companies listed in account's insurance library at the time you download the template. 

First download the advanced template with additional instructions. Plug your information into the fields, then follow Step 2.

Once you've downloaded your Advanced import, you'll notice the following columns:

  • All the columns of the above simple import, plus:
  • Insurance Company Name (dropdown, pick - pre-populated from your existing insurance)
⚠️ Note: If you opt to pick an insurance company from the dropdown, all the following columns below here are required:
  • Insurance Policy #
  • Relationship to Insured (dropdown, pick)
  • Insured First & Last Name
  • Insured DOB
  • Insured Address lines 1,2, and 3
  • Insured City
  • Insured State (dropdown, pick)
  • Insured Zip Code
  • Insured Phone Number

Common Hang-ups:

Here are some common errors made when importing this data, please read on for solutions:
  • Not using the drop-downs for fields like "insurance company name" as well as "gender" (you must click on the cell and use the dropdown to select the values, or the system will not recognize it.

    note_stack Two tips:
    • If the dropdown formatting is removed from that particular cell, or you want to repeat dropdown answers (like gender or insurance companies) you just pick one of the cell dropdowns, then copy the cell and paste it to the remaining cell.
    • Alternatively, you can click & drag down that cell from the bottom center to paste it into the cells selected

  • For Advanced (insurance) imports: the policy # and everything after it is a required field if you enter any insurance information for that specific client. If you did not enter an insurance company or any other insurance values, those values are not required and may be blank.
  • In order for the insurance company to blank, you cannot have any data entered after that for the insurance related information (columns N - Y)
  • Please ensure you start your data on the second row (which is colored green): If you skip the second row, you will likely run into an import that imports zero clients because of that skipped row. Deleting the row if you skipped it should resolve this.

Troubleshooting Data Import

If you receive an error message, such as ' your file contained invalid data', open the updated excel file the system will send to your downloads folder, and fix all cell areas highlighted in red, shown below:

⚠️ Note:  Hovering over the top row of cells (ex: Phone Number, or Email) with your mouse will also provide additional clues about what is wrong with any with the red highlights for the entire row, such as an Email address that doesn't include a .com, or a phone number that doesn't include 10 digits.

Importing Zip Codes beginning with a 0

For the zip/postal code for either (simple or advanced) data import, enter a ` to precede the 0 in the zip code, so for example zip code 01234 should be input as `01234

What symbol again?

The ` key may also show the symbol ~ on it as well, the tilde key.

Group Practices

There are some special considerations for uploading your data into TherapyAppointment if you are a practice of two or more providers. First, assess how the clients will be accessed:

group The group typically uses a ‘team treatment model

Where more than one provider treats or documents on a client.

  • Create a triage account.
  • Next, upload all of the clients to this triage account.
  • When completed, go to each client’s ‘records’ tab and ‘share’ with providers who will be treating the client.

person A 'team treatment model' is not typically used:

Clients are treated typically by only one provider (the occasional client may be seeing more than one provider in the system)

Here you would essentially download the provider's template, complete, then upload under their profile to ensure the clients are uploaded under the correct provider.

  • To do this, an owner or manager will need to first download, then upload their specific list of clients in the import file by going to the left menu item Practice Settings → then on the tab StaffClick on the Provider's Name you wish to import under → find the section Client Data Import
  • Once downloaded, fill in with the above section steps for either simple or advanced
  • Then click "Step 2:..." and upload the individual provider import files to the respective provider accounts

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I import my client's diagnosis? Not at this time
  2. Can I upload my client's records? If you have chart records as a PDF, you can upload it under the clients profile → Click Docs & Forms (top right tab) → then under the section Documents On File. For more information on the Docs & Forms tab click here