Triage Account for Group Practice

A triage account is, in effect, ‘an additional provider account’ for your group. You can create a triage account by adding the role of 'therapist' to one of your administrative account roles, or the account can stand alone and add administrative privileges to it such so that it  allows for a front office role access account (or even a Biller/Manager role) if desired. The cost of this account is $10/month as long as the schedule attached to this count is not used for patient appointments. 

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Benefits of a Triage Account

A triage account is best for group practices that need to have one or more of the items: 1. Practice incurs a consistent waiting list or needs a place to 'park' a new client until it's determined which therapist to assign them to 2. Prospective Client self-registration [Your practice group does not require the patient to talk with office staff before sending them a portal invite] 3. A ‘group’ patient portal that can be listed on your website where any active client can login

Due to the nature of the triage account, this type of account will not schedule (nor treat) clients. This account is simply a holding area for the newly registered client profiles to 'reside', until they are assigned to a treating Provider within the group.

Setting up a Triage Account

Required role:

To set up a triage account, the user must have an Owner or Manager role.

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Select Staff from the top tabs
  • Click button
  • Choose 'Add Therapist Account' option

**NOTE: Triage account details will mimic some of the group practice information. 

  • Plug the group name for the account naming details, leaving nickname/degree/NPI fields blank (Ex., a practice group 'Premier Counseling Associates' would put the first name field as 'Premier', last name 'Counseling Associates')
  • The email address field will include an email address of a admin/front desk/management staff member responsible for managing new clients/intakes
**NOTE: If the newly created account is going to be used exclusively by someone already with an active administrative account, it is best to inactivate/delete that account. This way the ‘Triage Account’ can be given the role(s) needed.

Triage Account Access

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Select Staff from the top tabs
  • Locate and click the newly entered staff member (triage account)
  • Navigate to the 'Permissions and Roles' section
  • Assign the new triage account the appropriate role (ex., Scheduler/Biller/Manager)

  • The staff member will then need to access their email and click the TherapyAppointment login invitation created

Additional Account Options

Within the My Profile screen, additional set up options may include:
1. Uploading Standard Client Documents, such as those to be auto-assigned to a client registering in the portal.
2. Editing client biographical questions.
3. Adjusting portal settings to set up the practice group portal link. This 'Client Portal Website Linking' article explains more.