Charting Options

Need to manage chart option settings?

Easily determine the requirements for charting notes, as well as opting for a default chart style with your provider settings.

Turn Charting 'On'

In order to require notes to be charted for each session, this must be enabled in the chart options section.

Note: This feature is enabled by default. You should only need this if you disabled charting previously.
  • Select My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Find the the 'Chart Options' section and select Edit
  • Choose Yes for 'Require chart notes for each appointment?'
  • Determine additional settings, such as the default chart style
  • Click Save when complete

Turn Charting 'Off'

In cases where a provider may not use TherapyAppointment to manage their session documentation, there is an option to ‘turn off charting’.

This can be useful when you prefer something like paper records.

  • Under My Profile, navigate to 'Chart Options' and select Edit
  • Set 'Require chart notes for each appointment?' to No
  • Click Save when complete

As a provider you will no longer see the prompt to ‘chart session’ on the summary page.

You can still utilize the option Start Billing (from the appointment popup from the Schedule) to create a charge/claim for the session.

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