Charting Options

Need to manage chart option settings? Easily determine the requirements for charting notes, as well as opting for a default chart style.

Turn Charting 'On'

In order to require notes to be charted for each session, this must be enabled in the chart options section.

  • Select My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to the 'Chart Options' section, select Edit
  • Choose Yes for 'Require chart notes for each appointment?'
  • Determine additional settings, such as the default chart style
  • Save when complete

Turn Charting 'Off'

In cases where a provider may not use TherapyAppointment to manage their session documentation, there is an option to ‘turn off charting’. This can be useful when opting for paper records.

  • Under My Profile, navigate to 'Chart Options' and select Edit
  • Choose No for 'Require chart notes for each appointment?'
  • Save when complete

As a provider you will no longer see the prompt to ‘chart session’ on the summary page. Utilize the option Start Billing to create a charge/claim for the session.

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