iCalendar Setup

This tutorial quickly defines the process when setting up iCalendar sharing.

This allows you to view your TherapyAppointment schedule within Outlook and/or other external calendars.

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iCalendar Setup

Shared iCal feeds are used to view the appointment schedule in another calendar system, like iCal or Microsoft Outlook.

  • Click on Schedule from the left-hand menu
  • On the right hand menu, click the button

  • Locate the iCal Calendar Sharing section, then click the button in the top right of that section

  • Then enter the calendar name, and whether or not you want to sync 1) appointments and 2) meetings and click
  • Next, copy the link:

  • Then paste that URL into your calendar subscription service (Apple may list it as a calendar subscription)
  • The calendar share option will list appointments and meetings in a HIPAA-compliant manner (will not list any client details)
Note: iCal sharing will not show all open slots, just meetings and appointments scheduled.

Removing or Editing a Shared iCalendar

To remove or delete an existing shared iCal feed, follow these steps:
  • From the above example, click the blue Name of the calendar:

  • Then click the delete button: