Add New Client/Patient

Adding a new client/patient in our system is an easy process, read on to see how this is done!

Add a New Client

Adding a new client is a quick task:

  • Click the button (top right on any screen in the system)
  • Select Client from the drop-down:

From here, you can create your new client.

  • Ensure the correct initial provider is selected at the top (or multiple)
  • Optional: Upload a Photo ID & let our machine learning pull the name, address, and date of birth
    Less typing for you!
  • Enter your basic client information here
  • You can always add or edit this information later

Minimum Requirements:

  • First & Last Name


⚠️ If you want to send a client portal invite, the following are required:

  • Date of birth
  • Email address
⚠️  Note: Both values are required because they are used for client verification and security before entering the client portal.

From here you have two options namely:


This creates the client and then brings you to our find availability schedule screen, allowing you to pick a free date/time on the provider's schedule for their first appointment.


By clicking Save, this creates the client and then directs you to the client profile.

⚠️ Note: Below the buttons we show a list of forms set to be auto-assigned to the client:

Questions about online forms or auto assign? Check out the article here!