Add New Client/Patient

Adding a new client/patient in our system is an easy process, read on to see how this is done!

Add a New Client

Adding a new client is a quick task:

  • At the top right of any screen, click the button
  • Select Client from the drop-down:

From here, you can create your new client.

  • Ensure the correct initial provider is selected at the top (or multiple)
    • Selecting multiple providers means all those providers will have access to this client
  • Optional: Upload a Photo ID & let our machine learning pull the name, address, and date of birth

    Less typing for you!

  • Enter your basic client information here
  • You can always add or edit this information later

Minimum Requirements:

  • First & Last Name


⚠️ If you want to send a client portal invite, the following are required:

  • Date of birth
  • Email address
⚠️  Note: Both values are required because they are used for client verification and security before entering the client portal.

From here you have two options namely:


This creates the client and then brings you to our find availability schedule screen, allowing you to pick a free date/time on the provider's schedule for their first appointment.


By clicking Save, this creates the client and then directs you to the client profile.

⚠️ Note: Below the buttons we show a list of forms set to be auto-assigned to the client:

Questions about online forms or auto assign? Check out the article here!

Duplicate Detected

If a potential duplicate is detected when attempting to create a client, you'll see a similar prompt pop up just above the buttons near the bottom:

  • Click the checkbox ⚠️ Ignore duplicate and create this client
  • Then click either or

Don't create the client. Instead, click the client's name (blue link) to load their profile.

Review our article on merging client duplicates here.

How duplicates are detected:

We use the following criteria to attempt to determine a duplicate client. This should catch most duplicates:

  • Last name exact match & First Name partial match OR,
  • Last name exact match & Preferred Name partial match OR,
  • Last name exact match & DOB exact match OR,
  • Email exact match OR,
  • Phone exact match