Income Summary Report

The Income Summary Report will allow you to run a report on all your providers (or filter) for income related purposes in an easy to both generate, view, and access.

Within the Article:

Accessing Income Summary Report

To access this report, go to the following:

  • Reporting
  • Under "Financial Reports" (left column)
  • Click on Income Summary (Beta)
Visual Navigation:

You'll then be presented with a screen similar to this:

Filters List

To the right, you should see a filters button that allows you to apply certain filters:

  • Therapists (Default: all, multiple selections possible)
  • Date Range (To/From dates, Default is month to date)
  • Locations (Default: all, multiple selections possible)
  • POS Code (Default: all, single selection possible)
  • Telehealth (Default: all, options Yes/No/All possible)

Here's a recording of applying filters in action:

⚠️ Note: If you wish to view a more in depth breakdown, including charges and payments you can opt to use the button up top.

Totaling Income and Percentage Calculator

Below each provider selected (all active providers by default) you will see 4 columns:
  • Net Charges
  • Insurance Payments
  • Client Payments
  • Income (total)

🥧 "Piece of the Pie"

Each provider's total income compared to the group's total income is shown visually in a green circle (pie chart) on the far left beside each provider's name, highlighted below:

The percentage calculator can also be entered (red box below) and you can copy the total payout to the right by clicking on the greyed out box (green box below):

Clicking on each provider section seen above will expand the selection, providing breakdown details for the selected provider as seen below:


To print the Beta Income Summary Report, at the top right beside the Filters button click the  button seen below:

You'll be presented with three options:

  1. Print current view (prints expanded and non-expanded providers "as is" below)
  2. Expand All And Print (expands all providers below and print)
  3. Shrink All And Print (will collapse all expanded providers and print)

From there, you'll be displayed a preview of what you are printing, and opt to print it to your printer of choice (or save as a PDF):