View Your Login History and Other Security Information

TherapyAppointment gives you a way to immediately check your sign in / login history, and other security related events for both staff and clients. This allows you and your staff to monitor and review accounts for security purposes.

privacy_tip Here are some general security tips we offer providers:

  • password If you suspect your account was compromised, immediately change your password!
  • mobile_friendly Establish 2-factor authentication for enhanced security in your profile → more information about that feature can be found here: Two-Factor Authentication
  • When in doubt or if you have any further questions about security, we always recommend checking with your local business and legal experts on HIPAA law and requirements

In This Article:

View Login History and Security Events

To view this information as a staff member for your own account, go to:

  • Click My Profile (left menu)
  • Find the section Account Information and click the button:

  • From here you can review your own logs, example shown below:

Here we list:

router What's an IP Address?

Think of this like a device's digital street address.

You may see the same IP address for all devices on a network based on privacy or configuration reasons. If you have any questions about this or your own IP addresses, please consult your internet service provider for more information.

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View Other Staff Login History & Security Events

shield_lock Required Role: Owner or Manager

You can review staff sign in history as well under:

  • Click Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Staff (top tabs)
  • Click on the staff member
  • Find the section Account Information and click the  button (similar to above)

View Client Login History & Security Events

To view client sign in history, you can go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client name, bringing you to their profile
  • On the far right (bottom if on mobile), click the button