Phone App

There is not currently a phone app - however, TherapyAppointment is designed to recognize your device and automatically format to fit your device view!

An entry on what's called your home screen can be bookmarked, revealing what appears to be an app. Clicking on our icon will open safari with our login page, or your dashboard if already signed in.

Apple / iOS

Here's how to do this using a mobile (iOS) Apple device:

  • From your iPhone or iPad, open the explore Safari application
  • Go to our main sign in page here: language
  • Select the ios_share Share icon at the bottom center:

  • Then select "Add to Home Screen" shown below (you may have to scroll down):

  • Once you do this, you should then see the TherapyAppointment Icon on your Home Screen
  • Clicking this will open Safari, opening a new tab & straight to our sign-in page, or dashboard if already signed in:



From your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Open your web browser, Chrome
  • Navigate to the website you want to pin to your home screen:
  • Tap the menu icon more_vert (upper right corner) → tap Add to homescreen
  • Choose a name for the shortcut, and TherapyAppointment will then be added to your home screen! (similar to above)